Just sent to the fab

I just sent a new IoT Labs WiFi module prototype to the PCB fabrication. It is based off the Ack.me (love that name) AMW004 module.

Stay tuned!


@ munderhill - Network action. I like it. Do tell more.

The module’s firmware uses the NETWORK indicator to show the following states:

State # State Description Default Behavior
state 1 No IP address fast_blink
state 2 DHCP in-progress medium_blink
state 3 DHCP successful slow_blink

Which module are you using - the AMW004 (which is what the silk screen says) or the AMW006? I went to the ack.me site and it says that the AMW004 is end-of-life.

@ mcalsyn - Where did you see that? Link? No matter as this a prototype to write the driver.

Update: It looks like the Hornet (https://ack.me/products/AMW004_A01_Hornet) carrier is EOL, but the AMW004 module is not.

I was looking here : https://ack.me/products/AMW004_A01_Hornet where they recommend using AMW006 products instead, but I now notice that other AMW004 products don’t have the end-of-life notice, so their intentions with the whole AMW004 line aren’t clear.

Eventually I will be using a AMW106/006 module with a chip antenna…

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The 106 is an interesting chip, both as a peripheral and on its own - looking forward to seeing what you build.

Fresh outta the oven…


You have my address from last time, right ? :whistle: .

@ Brett - Absolutely!

@ andre.m - The 004 is being used in the prototype to develop the driver because I purchased it a while ago. I will be switching to the 006 series in production.

@ andre.m - Probably the 006 as it has more RAM.

@ andre.m - Yes, I need more coffee…

@ munderhill - Any ERP know ?

@ .Peter. - Sorry, still haven’t had enough coffee, ERP?

ERP = Estimated Retail Price

@ .Peter. - Should be around $35-$40 (US), lower if there is enough interest.

@ munderhill - And the ETA (= Estimated Time of Arrival/Availability) for the production ones with the 106 ?

@ .Peter. - OK, I know that one…With the holidays approaching, probably after the first of the year.