July 23rd beta release, includes everything OSHW and improves premium

[b]Edit: This is an old beta release and is no longer used. Check here for latest http://www.tinyclr.com/support[/b]


To use this package release you must first uninstall Microsofts NETMF 4.1 SDK and all GHI installations.
The package also includes updated 4.1 and 4.2 SDKs so even if you are using 4.1 you may want to consider using this SDK.

Important note: Projects created with NETMF 4.1 won’t work, start new project in 4.2 and move the source files you had in the original project over.
Do not forget to update the firmware (GHI Electronics – Where Hardware Meets Software) on your device, including TinyBooter.

If using Ceberus, Cerbuino, Cerb40 then using this SDK is required.

[title]Required installations[/title]

  1. Visual Studio 2010 or Visual C# express 2010 (free)
  2. Microsoft .NET Micro Framework 4.2 QE1 SDK
  3. GHI NETMF v4.2 and Gadgeteer Package July 23rd

[title]Major Release Notes[/title]
Details are included within the SDK release note files.
[ul]Converter Seeed drivers to 4.2 and added installer.
Added SD card support to the cerb-family (Cerberus, Cerbuino and Cerb40)
Added Bitmap format converter to OSHW, speeding up OLED displays on Hydra and Cerberus.
Added FlushRawBitmap method to OLED drivers allowing the use of the OLED on systems with very limited memory.
Added Simple CAN drivers ot Cerb-family
Added RealTimeClock to Hydra and Cerb-family.
Added AnalogOut to Cerb-family.
Added Dynamic LCD control to Hydra.
Fixed problem in I2C on Hydra.
Enlarged all Custom Heaps to 4MB to support large displays.[/ul]

[title]Known issues[/title]
[ul]Ethernet (ENC28 Module) on Hydra and Cerb-family is not dynamic, 2 firmware version are provided, with and without.
USB Host is not implemented on Cerb-family.
CAN implementation is simple and done in managed code. Should be moved to native or RLP.[/ul]

[title]After-release Known issues[/title]
These issues were discovered after release. Most are fixed and will be available with next SDK not in current SDK.
[ul]7" Display does not work properly, flicker or not work due to wrong clock setting. This bug effected premium and OSHW. Fixed
I2CSoftware restart condition was not working properly causing IO60P16 to not work properly. Fixed
OLED driver didn’t check for bad arguments from user. Fixed
Premium’s PersistentStorage does not work. Fixed
SD card in Cerb-family causes the system to completely lock up if the card was removed while using accessing the file system. Unmount before removing the card, which is the proper use.
Socket #9 on Spider gives warning in designer. Fixed
Persistent Storage on premium library was not functional. Fixed[/ul]


Do current Cerb40 boards come with the appropriate loading capacitors for correct functioning of the RTC, and is this also a problem on early or current Cerberus or Cerbuino boards?

no spider updates :frowning:

This post is about the beta release and feedback of the latest package :slight_smile: Let us please keep this thread clean so we can track errors and help you guys better.
But, to answer your question nothing changed on the hardware.

Great big thanks guys for going the extra 20 miles and adding in 4.2 versions of the Seeed stuff as that is truly ‘above and beyond’ service.

Thanks for the update! Been waiting for it… :slight_smile:

Please document the status of the premium library in announcement. No fun spending hours debugging a problem only to find the functionality is not ready yet.

Thanks for the long list of fixes!

Is this hardware I2C or have any improvements been made to SoftwareI2C?

Is it not on release notes in the installer?

@ ianlee74 - there is no official request for improvements?!

I thought documenting problems in the forum was considered “official” around here. Is there a process I’m missing? I understand the IO60P16 threads got a little long and it was probably missed. I’ll setup some tests again this week and duplicate and document (in a new thread) as best I can where we believe the problems exist. Let me know if this needs to be documented differently.

There is no post with description of problem any why is it a must have. And on that side, a note on how to get the io60p16 drivers in SDK. In a separate thread please

You got it, Gus. I posted a separate question here: http://www.tinyclr.com/forum/topic?id=7986

The release notes say the following “The following libraries are not yet supported: Net, SQLite, SystemUpdate, USBClient.”.

I was told the prior release did not have PersistantStorage fully implemented. Since it is not in the added list for this release, and not in the not yet supported, do I assume it is complete?

@ Mike - You have a point and I actually pointed this pot to Steven earlier. We will improve this in future.

So is PS finished? :slight_smile:

For as many balls as you guys have up in the air you seem to drop very few…

PS is there but it is not functional yet.

This release covered OSHW 100%. No more work there, all about premium from now. We done a lot more internally but that is on the G120 end. Next release will have G120 firmware as well.

I have tested 2 SDCard modules on Cerberus. The standard and the microSD. The card mounted event doesn’t fire with microSD neither with standard. I use a clean new Gadgeteer 4.2 project and connect the module on socket 7. These cards work well on computer. What I have to do to finally get the SDCard Module working?

If someone successfully uses those modules, please let me know.

Gus, I assume you mean that the next focus is on G120 and bringing the premium offerings up to 4.2, correct? We can expect continued (excellent, by the way) support of the OSHW products?

I meant OSHW offers are complete. I didn’t mean we are discontinuing them. They are great succesfull products.