July 23rd beta release, includes everything OSHW and improves premium

Surely you don’t mean that there will be no further releases for the OSHW offers?

Thanks for this update, was waiting for the updated seeed drivers.

I’m pretty sure what Gus meant was - the current netmf build for the OSHW products is now complete… so the effort is now moving to finishing the build for the Premium products. I didn’t take any of this to mean that the current product line or netmf builds for it are stopping at this point; just that until this beta hits RTW there is no effort being put on OSHW

Does this firmware support the cobra with all its connections, like ethernet, usb host, sd and so on ?

The Cobra(EMX) requires the premium library, so it is not complete yet.

Mike, what you mean by “It’s not complete yet”? Isn’t the premium library complete for the Cobra? Topic says “improves premium”.

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I’m trying to get the OLED going on the Cerberus with this new firmware, but I need to convert a bitmap to byte[]. How?

The Oled driver uses Gadgeteer.Modules.Module.Mainboard.NativeBitmapConverter, but that isn’t available in user code…

Using the OLED on the Cerb family will be a little different. We should have a tutorial up in about an hour describing how to use it.

Any estimate on when this may be complete ? GHI…

@ Robin Overgaard - no set dates, we are trying our best.

@ Robin Overgaard - no set dates, we are trying our best.

No need to excuse anything, I was merely interested in knowing the progress, and have some expectations as to when this may be ready.

Have you updated the Cerberus with the new firmware? The new firmware is Make sure that you completely erase the firmware and reflash the latest Tinybooter as well as the latest firmware.

can we use .NET Micro Framework 4.2 RTM - QFE2 orshould we stick with qfe1

We have placed a tutorial on how to use the OLED driver with Cerberus. Please see: http://wiki.tinyclr.com/index.php?title=OLED_Display_Module#Using_the_display_in_a_low_memory_situation

If something isn’t clear please let us know or feel free to change it. We hope this helps! :slight_smile:

We never tested QFE2 yet

Where does


come from? I have looked high and low for BitmapConvertBPP and can’t find it anywhere…

GHI Hadrware lib

Ahh, thanks Gus, was looking for that all day…

QFE2 downloads are not availble yet.