It's here...the FEZ Reaper has arrived!

Today, we are excited to announce the release of the FEZ Reaper! The FEZ Reaper is the latest .NET Gadgeteeer offering based on the G80 SoC. At 180mHz with 14 Gadgeteer sockets, the FEZ Reaper will have you resurrecting and completing all those projects that are still setting on the shelf!

With the recent release of the FEZ Panda III, the FEZ Lemur, the G30HDR and today, with the release of the FEZ Reaper, we will be putting all Cerb family products in legacy. What does this mean? This means that we have updated the non-commercial Cerb family of products with a newer, more powerful family of products based on the G80 System-on-Chip that comes with a commercial license at no additional cost to you! This means even the world famous FEZ Cerberus Tinker Kit has been updated with the newer and more powerful FEZ Reaper mainboard, making the new FEZ Reaper Tinker Kit. What more could you ask for? For those institutions who still require the FEZ Cerberus and it’s cousins, we will continue selling these products until the end of the year or while supplies last.

For those who are new or haven’t seen previous newsposts, we have been working very diligently over the last few years to simplify and organize our offerings to create the best user experience possible. To do this, we have decided to start phasing out or redesigning products that were considered to be a hybrid of NETMF and Gadgeteer. In our continued effort to simplify our offerings into Gagdeteer and “non” Gadgeteer product lines, we will also be putting the Cerbuino products into legacy and selling them until the end of the year or while supplies last.

Since we have been talking about new products, here is a recap of the new products announced in recent weeks:

[ul]FEZ Reaper - .NET Gadgeteer Mainboard.
FEZ Reaper Tinker Kit - .NET Gadgeteer all-in-one kit.
FEZ HAT - Raspberry Pi 2 HAT loaded with sensors and fun stuff.
BrainPad - NETMF Educational tool for all ages.
FEZ Panda III - NETMF board that is Arduino-pinout compatible.
FEZ Lemur - NETMF board that is Arduino-pinout compatible.
G30 SoC - NETMF System-on-Chip loaded with features.
G30HDR - G30 SoC breakout board.
G80 SoC - NETMF System-on-Chip loaded with features.
G80 Development Board
G120E SoM - NETMF SoM loaded with features.
G120E Development Board
FEZ Spider II - .NET Gadgeteer Mainboard.
FEZ Spider II Tinker Kit - .NET Gadgeteer all-in-one kit.[/ul]


No word about Hydra. Will it survive?

Also… Are you now done with new product announcements? :slight_smile:

I am never one to tease like @ Gus but…stay tuned! :dance:

Nice board!

This would be a really good time to have a sale… My poor pocket is hurting in anticipation!

I don’t understand this statement. The FEZ Reaper is $12 (50%) more expensive than the Cerberus. PLEASE do not discontinue the Cerberus if you can’t replace it with something with a similar price point. The Cerberus is a great value way to get into Gadgeteer.

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@ Gary -

With the recent release of the FEZ Panda III, the FEZ Lemur, the G30HDR and today, with the release of the FEZ Reaper, we will be putting all Cerb family products in legacy

What is the replacement for FezCerbNet? Did I miss the board with an RJ45? I need a hardwired gateway device for my solutions and adding a module to get Ethernet is a bummer.

@ ianlee74 - pricing is great. Kick butt performance, easy to us platform, can reuse all my existing modules etc, I’m personally really good with this. GHI has been on a heck of a roll lately so NetMF and Gadgeteer is more then just alive, its taking names faster then @ Gary and kicking butt and I suspect they are far from being done with the new products.

For fun I’ve been thinking about rounding up all my mainboards and getting a photo of the buckets of Cerberuses, Spiders, Hydras, Raptors, etc that I have, then people might understand while I love new firmware updates, why I also cringe. Gadgeteer is the only platform that can keep up with my ideas and cheap enough for me to afford my addiction.

Now that I have even more powerful mainboards available, there is no stopping me now.

I would love to see that!

Stay tuned! :whistle:

Unfortunately we don’t currently have a direct replacement. However you still have 6 months to purchase the Cerb products! :clap:

Me: Are we going to get a more powerful SoM than G400?
Gary: Stay tuned! :whistle:
Me: :dance:


whoa, way to take over the conversation…lol

Have we seen the end of NXP chips in anything but the high-end ARM9 line?

I’ll vouch for the ‘staying alive’ of the cerberus as well !!


I too agree that I don’t want to see the Cerberus go away!!! I’ve developed a couple products with it and I’m not ready to layout PCB’s at this point in time.

It is a much better replacement at a higher price, more sockets, more memory, commercial… I do not see an issue there but if price is the only concern then the next announcement will be dedicated to you :slight_smile: stay tuned.

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@ Gus - a G30 based Gadgeteer board ?

@ Rajesh - 8)

Price is by far the biggest concern when talking an entry-level mainboard. Staying tuned!