It's here...the FEZ Reaper has arrived!

@ ianlee74 - oh no, the reaper is not entry level :wink: it is full featured.

I agree! But, when you describe it as a replacement for the Cerberus which is the entry-level board then it can cause some confusion.

Wont work - Gadgeteer lib’s are too fat…

Does this do SSL?

If you check the specs on G80 SoC, which is the basis of the FEZ Reaper, it does not list SSL:

So unless someone from GHI says otherwise, I’d say no.

Correct, at least for now.

Fez Cerb40 II going too?? :frowning: I’ve been working on products that could ideally use the Cerb40 II. Any plans on making a similar, user friendly module to replace this one?

Is the G30HDR its successor? Is there a perceivable performance difference? Are you planning on making a module that includes the RTC crystal, regulators, and pin headers?

@ Gismofx - can you please tell us more about your product and how the cerb40 is connected to the rest of the system?

@ Gus - Thanks for the reply, and saw your other reply also…and also the HDR boards discussion. Maybe I should move it there?

I’m currently using the cerb40 II for prototyping and currently designing a PCB with a DIP40 socket to drop the cerb40 into. It’s the heart of the product. There are a few I2C slave devices(custom attiny i2c devices and eeprom), SPI(or i2c or both) oled display(s), and some analog inputs. The setup of the cerb40 minimized my PCB components(rtc crystal, 3.3v regulator etc) which make testing simpler and more focused on my part. It’s also easy to pull out and re-program as needed via usb. Of course, the size is manageable and low power is not too much a concern on this product as it’s not run from a battery for extended periods. (I hope I answered this question correctly). Bluetooth will be evaluated and might be added to interface with a phone.

@ Gismofx - it is what I thought but, in cases like yours, customers usually prefer to have their own 3.3V regulator. Regulators can be high current, or low power, can be linear or switching. Each design has its own requirements so why not add a 3.3V regulator on your PCB? You could even add a through hole regulator so easier soldering. As for the RTC, you saw from the other discussion that it is something we are looping into adding to the HDR board but we are stilt studying this.

@ Gus - Thanks. The cerb40 3.3v regulator suits my application just fine. At this point, I’ve got a 12v supply voltage and a 5v regulator circuit. I suppose I could just add a another 3.3v regulator to supply the HDR board. Just to confirm, the regulator and cap pads are broken out at IC2 on the G30HDR?(LM1117MP-3.3?)

@ Gus -

I haven’t checked, but does the g30hdr have the same header pin mapping as the Cerb40 II? be a drop in replacement?

One has 42 pins, the other 40.

sorry for my terible English.
What is the replacement for Fez Cerbuino Bee? Did I miss the board with an low cost WLan support ? The FEZ Cerbuino Bee and Net sein great products with extensive on board equipment. The FEZ Cerbuino Bee and Net is optimum for small projects with network.

@ Leuthold - you could add a WiFi or Ethernet shield on top of any of our duino compatible boards today…And we have few more exciting things for the futures.

@ Gus - I have a similar problem as Gismofx, I have developed several solutions that use the Cerb40 II as a drop in board, and the whole solution is built around it. The main problem is that the replacement does not support CAN, which is an integral part of my automotive applications. Any chance for a similar DIP40 product that does support CAN? I would hate having to redesign the whole thing :confused:

Oh yeah, and the 3v3 is also perfect for my applications… :wink:

@ Kris_K - we can always manufacture these for you, with minimum order. This shouldn’t be a concern for any commercial design.

However, we have a new product with CAN support. Thre new product is better and comes with long longevity.

By the way, I recommend you buy as many cerb40 as you can while they are on sale and available.

@ Gus - Thanks for the quick reply, sounds good. Which new product are you talking about btw? The G80? Will there be a small form factor solution for this as well?

As for ordering Cerb40s, I’ve got that in the pipeline, but thanks for the reminder :wink:

@ Kris_K - the sale ends in 2 days, just saying :slight_smile:

The new product I am talking about is still a “secret” so stay tuned.