It's Cold at GHI

-1 (Fahrenheit) windchill -12… Aron called in to see if we “had to work today”. We fixed up his cubicle…


I won’t be in Monday, I heard it was supposed to be 2 F, so I am calling in now.

No… I asked if there was work… as in, is GHI closed because of the cold? :-[

The coats worked out nicely though. :smiley:

I though -1 was spring in Michigan?

Perhaps… :think: but when you are sick, it is an unhappy temp. :frowning:

Wimps… we’re at -8F and windchill -28F with the sun out here in Vermont. Supposed to be -15 to -30 below tonight (without windchill)… the coldest 3 day stretch in about 15 years. We even beat out Barrow, Alaska for low temps.

Psh, Skewworks has a winter advisory that stretches into tomorrow. Already 0 out with winds up to 35MPH.

Ask me again how glad I am that I left my posh job at the Sear’s Tower to do Skewworks full time. The answer is very

Believe it or not, I like the cold… I just don’t like it much when you have a respiratory infection and ones chest hurts. :slight_smile:

When it’s cold out, you can cozy up to your spouse or significant other… on the other hand, it is so cold out, my poor dog was so cold, he couldn’t wag his tail.

Screw the cold, I mainly hate driving in the snow. Is the fact that there are too many careless idiots on the road excuse enough for us to close for the day? :wink:

It’s a balmy 23F here in Tennessee. Although, through the window it looks like a beautiful sunny day. About 20 deg below the normal average. In 2014 will the alarmist be back to screaming “global cooling” again? :wink:

I’ll just leave this right here 8)

Nothing wrong with the weather here…

You guys are killing me

@ ianlee74 - “global cooling” ? it’s 10 deg to worm here in germany, we are waiting for the winter…let it snow…

19C= 66.2F

Just got back home from work to find out that my heater broke. Great timing :frowning:

Wish it were -1 F


@ VB-Daniel - same over here… 7-13° C so thats about 44 to 55 °F :smiley:
No white Chrismas this year …

Welcome to Canada

Or my Nephew’s favorite from when he was a bush pilot up north

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Due to several accidents that turned my normal 20 minute drive into over an hour, I was able to take some time on the way in to look at the weather…I can only imagine what Aron is thinking today, because im somewhat close to thinking what he was last week :wink:

First: Notice the RealFeel.
Second: Notice the forecast for Saturday

Only in Michigan.

PS: It was so clod this morning that my phone refused to charge on the way to work with a message claiming it was too cold to charge in this location.