It's all in the name

And the PCB Colour :whistle:

So i am sitting down in front of Alitum starting my wearable project…

I need a secret squirrel project name…

[ul]It’s a wearable device around the wrist…
NETM 4.3.1
Tells the time via oled screen…
Will interface to a WP8 mobile via BLE so it can alert and user when a call or txt arrives.
MPU-9150 for spinny turnie roundy upside downie stuff…
Cap touch for navigation


I need a uber cool name and what colour PCB it’s going to be as these are important marketing points - just ask Apple :hand:

The person who chooses the best name (if i havent already thought of it…) will get a freebie mrk I sample device…

I will document and keep it all open source…

PS - i’m ok with something like iWatch.Net for a giggle to see if Apple sends the dark suits…

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Well, Wristwatch would be a good name, but I guess the 80’s claim that name already :think:

So how about jWatch. and the WP App could be jApp or so.
The logo could be a glass of apple juice

@ Reinhard Ostermeier - i like the way you think…

[quote] jApp[/quote]Careful … the pronunciation of that is considered a racial slur in the US.
If the product is to be international, you need to consider stuff like that. Justin in a striped suit maybe wouldn’t look so good …

@ Lurch - It’s the same in the South Pacific…this is a fun open source project but in this day and age i guess you cant be too careful…

Stripes might hide my ever expanding waist line tho… :whistle:

Smart Loop

Colour Black

WilWatch :smiley:

Here’s my two penth…


Oh, and the colour is transparent :whistle:

How about calling it “Specto” Latin for watch… :slight_smile:

“Quadrum” Latin for square assuming the watch will be squared :slight_smile:


“magus” Latin for magical… it will be magical won’t it ? :slight_smile:


This has to be it, forget what I said an hour ago.

“The Liberator”

You already have my postal address.

@ Jason

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The wrenchable…

The ultimate tool on your wrist …

You have my address :slight_smile:

How about “Anaconda”?

Ingenuity Watches ::slight_smile:

MFband pronounced mifband


Board colour and name.

@ Justin - What about a Mirasol display?

@ Justin,

Give it a headset profile with a speaker phone so you can contact Cortana when the device is not on you.

As for the name, I dunno, I just want one.

Oh and as for the board colour, make it white.