It's all in the name

@ Valkyrie-MT - Nice yes…getting a hold of them in less than 10k MOQ will probably be an issue…

Chronoband, and black.
Or and blue or black

How about the “JustinTime” smart watch?

With a marketing line “Wearing this watch, you will never be late”



@ Dave, JustinTime! Yep you win the name part. Slogan needs work though. I read it and my gutter mind though it was some sort of birth control :wink:

So far my list has 3 possibles on it :whistle:

Not sure you should use the word “never”, but if it could ever help :whistle:


You never know with Justin, that could be his next project. :slight_smile:

you don’t need a slogan “JustInTime” says it all!

Wristbot. It should open up into a hexapod in Transformer style.


Ticky …or Tocky.

Colour - autumn dew

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That’s alotta goodness in a small space. There’s enough pissed off Agent watch KS folks to make a nice little market for this one :whistle: - nice name

@ Justin - Nice one!
@ ransomhall - from the last update it looks like they are “building a factory” to build the watch, so - any day now.

Can’t wait to see the display.

@ ransomhall - Thought had never crossed my mind :whistle:
@ Architect - Ta
@ hagster - Have a couple of designs under way - oLED and Sharp memory LCD

@ Justin - shame there are no circular displays on digikey. Modify a square one using a Dremmel seems to result in really low yield.

@ Justin - What are your plans for the case?

@ hagster - Time to shop else where :wink:

Hmmm, there is no picture, do you have the datasheet for it?