It's a goal


All on a 1" x1" PCB!


Something I thought about while on vacation! ;D


Oops! Forgot the buttons…


Now includes a LiPo charging circuit!


Board is all routed and almost verified. I’m trying to get that done this weekend so I can send it off to the fab!

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@ munderhill - And the question is ?

@ .Peter. - Yes…

No, no, the other question … that with the numeric answer … :wink:

@ .Peter. - What does it cost? Hmmm, maybe I should wait like GHI…


$44.95 (US) without a battery plus shipping!

@ munderhill - How much current do you think it will draw? I’m not familiar with those numbers. I want to know how large of a solar powered usb battery I’ll need to have it running perpetually. I live in the tropics, so sunshine energy is not a problem here. Also, what are the dimensions of the board?

@ Mr. John Smith - Won’t have current measurements until I build one. The dimensions are 1" x 1.25".

@ munderhill - I want to glue a LoRaWAN chip on it!

That is where the $$ is going to be. Long range wireless.

Build it and I will come, hopefully “they” as well.

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@ terrence - Patience, mon petit capitan :whistle:

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@ terence - Anything is possible… Is the Microchip RN2483 a good module?

@ .Peter. - Yes, I know. Hopefully you are refereeing to Justin’s coming boards.

@ munderhill - Well I am in the US, so 915mhz is what we need here.

I think the RN2903 is the chip, I think.

@ munderhill - Well, I’m in Europe, so I would need the 868 MHz ergo RN2483 …

@ munderhill - Take a look at this LoRa board.

@ terrence - I know that I know nothing …

Just sent the boards to the fab!

Waiting ensues…


@ munderhill - what is the turnaround time?