Is VS2012 slow for you?

If you have used VS2012 with NETMF, please vote/reply here

We like to know if it is running slower than VS2010 for you or if not. This should help Microsoft see how many are affected with this, if there are many.

In general? No, it’s at least as fast as VS2010. I haven’t done any NETMF with it, though.

I’m definitely experiencing slow deploys.

I remember when I first started using VS2012 at work I had the same problem with very slow debugging. That seemed to get a lot better after the first VS update. I wonder if there’s some relationship between what was wrong then and what is in this release.

The question is, with netmf. Changed the original post.

Voted… deploying takes sometimes almost 60seconds.

Deploying takes longer for me, sometimes (actually, often) failing. However, debugging speed is the showstopper. I press F10 to move to next code line, and it takes 3-4 seconds :frowning: totally unusable…

There is no doubt about it as VS2012 is slower then VS2010 for Gadgeteer work as my timings have shown:

Stepping in code is working ok “sometimes” I did not find out what the difference is, some lines are stepping like it should and on other lines you get the feeling the whole system “freezes” for half a minute… I just switched to 2012 and netmf 4.3 this week but I’m not impressed…

I only just ported my current project so I will be confronted a lot in the next weeks I guess… I better start some yoga classes at the same time if this is that bad…

Annnnd this is partly why I keep trying to get an answer of whether or not the new Cerb firmware would work with my current VS2010 setup… I’ve got enough going on that I don’t want to worry about 2012 oddities with no real benefit.

Is the new Cerb firmware 4.3???

please take a look at the news post. It clearly states that 2012 and 2010 are supported and the firmware is 4.2

Thanks for the clarification… I was confused by the line " If you want to continue to use VS2010, keep using NETMF 4.2 QFE2 like before" which I took to mean continue using the older SDK.

You also said “If you use 2010 you are on your own” in the Beta discussion of the new SDK… which to me sounded like the new SDK didn’t support it.

I’ll give the new SDK a shot tonight.

I had added a note on the post " As suggested by many users, VS2012 will only work on Win7 and Win8 so we will continue supporting VS2010 for some time."

I’d also like to add that VS2012 is slow. Deploy takes a while and single stepping is painfully slow. VS2010 was quick.

I am using VS2012 and since I’m a newby anyway I do not know any better, so it works reasonably well for me. My only real complaint is the deployment issue. I’m wearing that reset button on my poor Cerberus board out! :wink: But I decided it was worth it for me to stick with 2012 and at least be able to use NETMF 4.3 instead of 4.2. Since I have to go through this learning process anyway, I might as well do it with the latest version of the tools and firmware.

werner what hardware are you using? I suspect you’re really not using 4.3, since all the GHI firmwares are 4.2 only. Lets clear that up now if we can otherwise you might get into trouble if you were trying to create an app from scratch.

Sadly to say, while debugging, slow is an understatement. And like someone else said trying to get a value of a variable is painfully, because then my system reboots. Yesterday i did some first work with this new version, I like the flatlook of the EDI and working with it is very easy. But you do not want to debug yet with it :wink: I really hope you can find the issue for this. And release a patch soon.

@ andre.m,

I’m dont know who to blame, so i blame no one, and in this case i ask GHI to look into it and when MS is to blame then that they ask MS to fix it asap. :wink:

Perfet :smiley:

Brett, I’m using GHI 4.2 and.NET Micro Framework SDK 4.3 (RTM) and Visual Studio 2012 on a Windows 8 laptop.

Since Microsoft fixed the deploy issue recently, it is now working quite well for me. Debugging etc all seem to work reliably.