iPhone madness?

Did anyone else get up in the middle of the night to order an iPhone 5S?

Mike’s Wife: Why the XXX are you getting up in the middle of the night to order a phone?

Mike: I thought it was part of the user experience?

Mike’sWife: mumble mumble



What?! There are Five iPhones now? :slight_smile:

Sorry the iPhone just doesn’t work for me as I’m loving my Lumia 920 and the only phone I’d consider replacing it with is a Lumia 1020.

I’ve only ever waited in line for an extended period to get something once and that was for Willy Nelson tickets and I got to hang out with some Hells Angels that night who apparently were also waiting for tickets, needless to say it was an interesting night hanging out with some new buds.

If its not Gadgeteer related, I just don’t get that excited anymore about new things.

@ Duke Nukem - I was thinking about a W8 phone. easier to do development. but, decided when I get around to actually doing something, I can get another phone if necessary.

I am getting involved with a local .net group, which seems to have a number of w8 phone experts. maybe I will receive my motivation.

I’ve never re-bought in to the Apple Eco system since my first iPod (back when it was brand new) and I got to hate the way you had to use Apple to do all the work with it. As a tinkerer, I like to be in control and with the iPhone/iPad/iPod I feel you don’t.

I prefer Android. I can live with the small issues it has, which for me is not as much as it used to be. I like also that I can choose any platform for development and that it is completely free to get the software. You can even develop with it for embedded systems.

AND, you can install your software on as many phones as you want. Try that with an iPhone as I believe you can only install to a limited number of phones during development. It only costs money when you wish to publish in the store. A 3rd of the cost even to get started with Apple. :slight_smile:

Oh, did I mention I don’t like Apple products? :slight_smile:

Take a look at either the Lumia 520 (AT&T) or the 521 (T-Mobile), both are available for right around $100 (the 521 is a little higher) off-contract, so they’re great for basic dev phones. And they support microSD, so you can use them as an inexpensive music player, and GPS.

Two of the things not supported at this level…LTE and NFC. If either of those are important to you, you want to be looking at the 9xx Lumia series. Also, the screen is about what you’d expect at this price level. But did I mention…$99? No contract?

I just picked one up at the local MS store, so I have an extra/backup device, and in case I decide that my 10yo is ready for his own phone.

I have been involved in service processes around mobile phones. Nokia fails 7 times more often than iPhones. I would only consider Nokia for development not as a business tool.

Another iOS7 exploit

@ mhectorgato - Looks like you are on a mission. :smiley:

I am using HTC One at the moment. I am happy with it. I have to admit though that my previous Nokia 920 was my favorite.

Actually I like my wife’s Nokia 928 better.

My Mission is purely that Apple fanboys drive me nuts. They gloss over any issues devices have, and point at MS/Google.

I showed him the exploit from yesterday and his response was “your just upset that MS missed the mobile market. You never criticize MS.”

1 - He was deflecting criticism from his precious device, there by doing what he accused me of. As if accessing a locked phone’s emails & messages was no big deal.

2 - Told him that the day before I said no Start menu was a horrible decision.

I pointed out the double standard to him - Apple included anti-virus in OS because, as they say its “they were protecting the users”. If MS were to do the same, these same people say that PCs always get virus, but if MS built in AV in their OS it would anti-competitive.

I was hoping the 1520 would have been smaller - a 6" maybe a bit too much

I am not an apple fan boy!

If you are in New Jersey, stop by, and we can drink the kool aid and talk about it…

Mmmmm kool aid

I used to have an iPhone - the first one. I liked it. Made some money developing for iOS. I am open for any technology besides my preferences. We are moving forward.

I love my Lumia 920 more than any other phone available. I work for a mobile apps company and have used most of the major models. However, if Microsoft can’t change the tide so that people start developing for WP in v1.0 then I’ll likely end up going back to Android despite my love of everything about the platform. Aside from my wife (who had no choice) and a small handful of devs, I still no one locally carrying a WP8 phone. They’re missing out for sure but I’m missing out too due to app support. MS consider this your 18 month notice…

I have Lumia 920, too. Bulky and heavy, but frickin’ awesome piece of hardware&software! And I’ve got a few friends having Samsung Galaxies, but thinking of grabbing Lumia… So MS isn’t doing very bad. Lumia and WP8 is still a very fresh device; all they need is some more time.

I was thinking of picking up a Lumia 520 for development testing, just need to find one cheap and unlocked in Canada. I’ve got a whack of projects for Windows Phone as soon as I’m done my current project which is for desktop windows.

My Kids and their spouses have iPhones and most of those have cracked screens etc, what is up with that as I’ve dropped my Lumia 920 more times then my heart can handle and thus far nothing.