Introducing the redesigned MakeGPS module

For everybody patiently waiting for a GPS module that behaves on all the Gadgeteer mainboards, I have some good news. I ordered a test batch of my redesigned board, so there is light at the end of this long tunnel !! I will probably have these ready in about 5 weeks. Details will follow in the usual places (here, community offers, and my site).

Some of you have already expressed interest in this board - please post a quick note to verify your intent to purchase. I’ll have 6 available initially, and will offer them at a “beta price”. The assumption is you will have time to help me find and work through any minor issues. I will crank out a bunch more once the beta group has absolutely verified these things behave 99.9% of the time and I can acquire funding for some component inventory.

@ devhammer - seems OSHPark does not like to render the gadgeteer logo at all. There is one there!


Excellent news!

Are you aiming to re write the driver from scratch or are you planning on using Skewworks MTK339 driver as a base?
Ive been playing with the adafruit breakout on an extender (using the Seeed GPS driver) which works ok but isnt very elegant.
Love the purple colour too.
Edit Yes i’m interested still.

@ ransomhall -
Out of interest, did you follow RF design rules for the antenna? Things like 50ohm strip line, no/minimal vias, no sharp track changes, etc…

I could use one, thanks.

@ HughB - yes, I will be using the “Skew+” driver.

@ GMod - the antenna is included on top of the module, which is one of the reasons I like the MTK3339. There are some cautions in the datasheet , which were heeded. The hole in the middle of the OSHW logo is to access a solder point for an external antenna, but I’m not using one.

Sounds great, sign me up for one.

I’m also interested in one :wink:

Couple here!

Steve Presley is also on the list. I wanted to get his name in here, so others know the first batch is spoken for. Already time to order more parts, I think. Thanks for all the support. My wife will be extremely happy if I can make this a break even hobby. Happy wife = happy life :slight_smile:

Cool! That does make things a lot easier…

Awesome! Can’t wait to see it when the next batch arrives.

Thanks, I’ll take two, and any other that people don’t speak for! :wink:

(not sure how I posted this originally in the MakeBread thread)

I am interested, but I’m more interested in trying to wire up the breakout via the extender. I want to expand my electronics horizon.

@ ransomhall - I’ll take one and help bash out any remaining driver issues. Would be nice to have one with a gadgeteer socket :smiley:

Drop me a line thom and skewworks w details to order the beta one.

When you get ready for the next batch, put me down for at least one. What do you expect the price to be?

Just got an in stock notice at Adafruit for the MTK3339 breakout board.

Not sure if it’s an updated version … the description says Version 3 - was that there before?

I’m all over it - I already ordered the breakout to see how the external antenna might improve our fix issue.

They updated their breakout to take advantage of features on the chip that had not previously used. This implies that they got a shipment of MTK3339s in, but I have not seen a back in stock notification for just the GPS module yet (and am anxiously waiting). Meanwhile I’ve been looking for another reputable source for these.

Did you see the link I sent you in email the other day? You didn’t reply, so maybe not :wink:

Steve - I did not go through all the links you sent. This one requires an external antenna (not just an option). I’m sticking with the MTK3339 for now. The v2 board now being fabbed is designed specifically for it.

However, I did find a few of the MTK3329s w/antenna recently, so will have a corresponding number of the boards with USB support (rev 1) made at some unknown point in the future (so don’t ask when :slight_smile: )