Introducing the newest member to the Octavo Systems Family!

We would like to introduce the newest member of the Octavo Systems family of products (drum roll please), please welcome the OSD3358 TH Module! The OSD3358 TH Module is based on Octavo’s OSD335x System in Package (SiP) which incorporates Texas Instruments’ powerful Sitara™ AM335x processor with an ARM® Cortex®-A8 core. With all of the complex and sensitive components being handled internally by the OSD335x SiP, designers can easily harness this significant horsepower for their designs.

For those of you wanting a low-cost option for taking the OSD335x SiP for a test drive, the OSD3558 TH Module is the perfect solution for you! We added 60 holes exposing everything from ethernet to CAN, all you need is a breadboard and an idea! We even made it [em]Fast and Easy[/em] for you to add displays by providing the pinout for the Display NHVN Module. To get started creating your next master piece, all you have to do is plug in a USB cable and you will be on your way to greatness.

But that’s not all, in preparation for accepting preorders, we have added pricing to all products in the Octavo Systems ecosystem. Take a look around and start making your Octavo Systems wish list!

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We’re going to need those footprints pretty quickly now. I’d like to have a board design waiting for the device at launch; or at minimum have my Altium footprints prepared.

-1 for no mounting holes.

EDIT: Yea, new product!

@ Mr. John Smith - we are planning on adding mounting holes.


+1 For mounting holes! :clap:

It’s too late to add the mounting holes, I already approved the final design… :whistle:

@ Gary - Bible Serious? No mounting holes?

There will be mounting holes, that’s the board that was on my desk, we have new boards coming with the mounting holes.

@ Gary - Dude, don’t tease me like that; I could have fallen into depression :’(


Now you know how I feel on a daily basis reading the posts from all of my close forum friends! 8)


Can the SIP be customized with 8GB in quantity?

Ye of little faith. It was this post that made Gary change the mounting hole placement so they formed a cross. On the brightside that should make a great foundation. I’ve run out of bible puns. Unless there’s someone at GHI named Jesus or Moses or something, then I can keep this going for ever. Or at least for a thousand years.


Ye of little faith. [/quote]

Little faith? Don’t forget this question was asked by Mr. John Smith.

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My last name is Issa (Jesus) Does this count?

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What will the MOQ be ? I assume Octavo needs to spin up a new substrate/die combo ?

@ Rajesh - Too early to tell. We are all still ramping up production. But more flash or more RAM is possible in volumes, thousands not hundreds.

What is the need for more memory so we can pass this feedback back?

Nah the AM3XX EMIF external memory address space is 1GB. It has to be GPMC SRAM and not DDR.

THE SIP is exciting because a new board can be sprung up quick without dealing with DDR routing and impedance matching. 1GB should be good enough but for a full blown OS more is better. Set top IPTV ?

This makes a lot of sense. After all I do pray to Gus for more boards and modules on a regular basis. :smiley:


That explains so much about your personality! :whistle:

A curious question…
Since the pricing is up on the 3 new devices, why cant we pre-order them ?
getting a bit old to keep checking every day to see if the ship date has changed or when it will be open to take orders.
Would just rather order it and get it over with.