Introducing the FEZ Panda III

Introduced in 2010, the FEZ Panda I was an immediate hit in the hobbyist community. We then upgraded it to the FEZ Panda II in the same year to become one of the most popular products from GHI Electronics. The Arduino pinout compatibility brings all kinds of low-cost shields to the FEZ Panda but allows you to use Visual Studio to program those shields. Thanks to NETMF, developers can deploy and also have full debug capabilities on the FEZ Panda. The single chip NETMF USBizi SoC was the heart of FEZ Panda. Unfortunately, with discontinuing the USBizi SoC, the FEZ Panda was also discontinued.

And this is where the great news starts! The G80 System on Chip was recently announced as a replacement for the USBizi SoC, And this automatically brings back the next generation of the FEZ Panda family. So, today we are excited to announce that the FEZ Panda III is now available for purchase!

The FEZ Panda III has a pin out that is backward compatible with the discontinued FEZ Panda II, but with the G80 at its core, the FEZ Panda III is packed with features like never before and still with enough memory to run native networking and graphics. Just take a look at the pin out diagrams!

FEZ Panda III:


@ Gary - There was this io card piggy bag board with network support and various other connectivity options. Is this usable for the P3 or is a successor in the make or do we need to get creative …


FEZ Connect?

We’d want a new one with the ENC28J60 instead of WIZNet.

Truly awesome board! Panda II was my first, and I still love it!


any chance that you will also support what MSFT is doing with “windows remote Arduino”? IE: allow a windows device remote the Panda like you can do with Arduino through a windows device.

@ Gary - Does this mean you’ll bring back the FEZ Touch? This time possibly facing the other way so it goes over the Panda instead of floating off in space begging to be snapped at the slightest drop? :wink:

Doesn’t help with the drop issue, per se, but for mine, I use 1/2" standoffs to support the FEZ Touch when sitting on a table.

Agree that it would be nice to be able to reverse it.

Who is the first one to try the new panda with their old FEZ Connect and FEZ Touch?

$10 coupon for the first video showing them working :wink:

I’ve still got mine. Maybe I’ll demo that new Skewworks graphics library for serial displays…


Just placed my order ;D

I could do the research but it’s a lazy day … Is the 40pin extension on the Panda III the same pin layout as the 40 pin extension on the Arduino Mega? Also, since the operating voltage of the G80 is shown as 1.7 - 3.6, I assume all IO is 3.3v tolerant and not 5v, correct?

Will Eagle sources of Panda III be awailable? As Panda II and other boards.

@ toxsedyshev - I don’t see a OSHW logo on the board :slight_smile:

The eagle files will be shared but the core is G80, which is not open, just like the old panda.

Cool. I probably have 5 - 6 Fez Touch and Fez connect boards still available. :clap:

Great news for a new FEZ Panda.

What’s the shipping cost to Germany?
I can’t see the price in your shop (unless I perform an order).

When it will be available at european distributors?

If you call or mail Watterott ( ), they usually order everything from GHI what you Need, if it’s available in the GHI shop.

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In Fez panda2 the AI reference voltage pin was shorted to broad 3.3v. when the display screen consume power the regulator drop voltage and AI data fluctuate. if you guys can give a option with a jumper that will be great.

@ Beauty

You can also ask

It’s super slow with the method I’m using right now, but FEZ Touch is alive and well on the Panda III

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@ Skewworks - why am I not surprised you are the first to get it working :slight_smile: you are still they master of graphics :slight_smile:


Didn’t Gus say that GHI had tested the Touch on the P3? That means there’s some code somewhere ready to share :slight_smile: My P3 just showed up, so I’m keen to give it a whirl. That is, after SW gets his coupon of course.