Introducing G120HDR, New Prices and New Gadgeteer Modules

G120 Module
We’re happy to report that the G120 Module is right on schedule, we have production samples and we are prepared for high volume. We are now accepting pre-orders for samples (limit two). Orders will ship before the end of this month.

G120HDR Module
As requested by many customers, we are offering G120 Module in a through-hole format, the G120HDR Module. This System on Module (SoM) is 100% identical to G120 except it exposes all pins to 0.1" pitch-pads and adds a few Gadgeteer sockets to take advantage of the numerous modules available. Rev 1.0 of G120HDR is available to order immediately and has an introductory priced of $24.95! Just like G120, this premium offer includes all NETMF’s core features and all our exclusives, like SQLite database, WiFi, RLP and USB Host. Our offers page lists the features found on premium offers. We are accepting pre-orders today, to ship before the end of this month.

Relay ISOx16 Module
No more relay-noise issues that cause processors to reset. This optically-isolated relay module includes 16 1A relays. The module uses Y socket making it simple to add many of these to any mainboard.

FLASH Module
Need to store your application configuration somewhere? Or even save some resources independent from the application? This FLASH module includes 4 MB of non-volatile memory. We provide drivers to read/write/erase sectors and our community has been generous enough to start working on file system drivers.

Current ACS712 Module
The chip used on this current-measuring module uses isolated magnetic field to measure current. This keeps the mainboard safely isolated, even if measuring current on a 220V powered device.

Pulse InOut Module
Need more PWM channels? This daisylink-capable module has eight of them. Not only that, this module also offers eight pulse-measuring inputs. These can be used to measure pulses from flow sensors for example, but its main purpose is actually RC robotics. The inputs can be used to connect any RC receiver from two to eight channels. These receivers simply generate pulses matching the knob positions. The output PWMs can be use to control servo motors directly or brushed and brushless motors through appropriate controllers. Advanced developers can take advantage of the 50 Mhz processor used on this module to handle specific tight-timing robotic needs by modifying the open-source C-language software. This module is tested and will be available in about four weeks.

USB Client Battery 4xAA Module
This “red” module is another power option for Gadgeteer users. Pictures of the board currently show green because it is of the prototype not production. This module has a USB connector for deploying and debugging applications and uses four AA batteries to run a Gadgeteer system. The switch can be used to select the power source; USB or battery. The output voltage is generated though a modern 1A buck-boost regulator. The module allows the use of any AA batteries, from 1.5V lithium batteries to 1.2V rechargeable batteries. The module allows for the use of rechargeable batteries (but does not charge them). The raw battery voltage is available on a terminal block. This is needed for robotic applications. Production for this module has started and will be available in about four weeks.

GasSense Module
This module is designed with an on-board transitory to optionally control the sensor’s heat element and also hosts a standard socket. The module will be offered with multiple common options like alcohol and CO2 but since they are placed through the socket, a user can easily replace the sensor with whatever their application needs. There are plenty of sensor options, even on ebay! This module is under preview only and not available yet.

Reduced Prices
We’ve lowered some networking modules to help the internet-of-things world get connected!
WiFi RS21 Module from $99.95 to $79.95
Ethernet ENC28 Module from $34.95 to $19.95

TE35 Display Module at $74.95 is a cheaper alternative to the $99.95 T35 Display Module.

Sorry, no refunds for orders placed before today.

Website Improvements
Our main website remains under continuous improvement. We have just finished the all new comparison page. We’ll be adding more products soon. We also made identifying Premium vs. OSHW offers easier by updating the offers page and adding a logo by each applicable product (view .NET Gadgeteer Mainboards to see it in action).

Serial Camera Modules
Both Serial Camera L1 Module and Serial Camera L2 Module announced earlier are available for order today.

World Maker Faire NYC
GHI Electronics and many community remembers will be in NYC visiting Maker Fair Sep 29th and 30th, and Open Hardware Summit on Spe 27th. Come join us if you can!



I don’t seem to be able to order the g120 from the site. I can order the HDR, but the g120 is listed as out of stock?

Are you guys taking pre-orders via email or will the site be updated soon?

try now


Order placed, thank you Gus!

Any chance of the reference design today as well?

Wonderful! :clap: Will get some of these this weekend.!

Very Cool indeed, I’m liking the price very much… this is a break through for NETMF… giving the current price of the boards…

Please Josh, please Put a NEW Splash on the new Modules… it is taking me a long time to sip through the page to find the new goodies…

Keep up the good work…

I bought FEZ Mini’s for $20 some time ago, and now $25 for a G120!.. Took three. Awesome.

Exciting! I am going to have to order that relay module. And probably a flash module :slight_smile:

Gus; on the comparison page it says the Cobra has 6 GPIO’s … i’m sure it has more :wink:

PS will look at you email this weekend, this was a hectic week for me

Really nice the G120 board and the other modules.

One question pops up: within the next couple of weeks will there come a replacement or new product like fez spider but based on the G120?

But one thing for sure: Great job guys!!

@ RFID-Dude - When did we ever stop adding new products? :slight_smile:

@ Josh shopping cart suggestion if I may - can you buffer my cart contents into my login somehow, or even persist it on my machine. I have that terrible habit of adding stuff there, then going to search something related to that, and 30 minutes coming back by which time my cart has emptied and I have forgotten which modules I added :slight_smile:

@ Brett - this is top priority change we have.

Great announcements!

You’re done a really great work, thank you for all your effort!

Hey, Hey, Hey, guys don’t buy them out before I get mine! :frowning:
@ Gus, what is the cosmetic issue btw?

Awesome work on the new modules…
Congrats GHI.
I had a question. What is the difference between the T35 an TE35 display modules?

The new G120 board … do you need to use a DP/SP to provide power? Or can you provide regulated 5V power via the headers?

I guess i did not see Marco’s similar question.
I will wait for the announcements :slight_smile:

@ mhectorgato - On the wiki. "Power options
G120HDR only needs 3.3V to run but note that if you are using the gadgeteer sockets to add some modules (displays) then these modules may need 5V as well.

The best way maybe by using one of the gadgeteer “red modules” The red ones are the power supply modules. These range from simple power-from-USB option to high current to battery modules.

Note: 5V pads are just connection points between all 5V pads and 5V pin on the gadgeteer sockets. G120 itself doesn’t use 5V.

Note 2: You can safely connect one 3.3V and one GND pads. No need to connect all power pads."