Introducing G120, a low cost, feature filled NETMF System on Module (SoM)

At less than half the cost of EMX module, G120 SoM is an ideal choice for cost sensitive applications. G120 includes 120MHz. Cortex-M3 processor, 16MB of RAM, graphics support and a TFT LCD interface. Users will have 2MB available for their software application. G120 also includes our premium library with exclusive features such as WiFi support, PPP for cellular modems, USB Host, In-Field Update and Runtime Loadable Procedures (RLP) for running native code on the hardware.

G120 is in the final stages of testing. Available in the third quarter of 2012. Expected volume price is $30 each.
Please see G120 product page for more details

Thanks Joe.

This is really small guys. Pick your smallest enclosure! Here is a picture next to a quarter!

How about a Poly-cephalic Gadgeteer version?

Wow! That is a nice module!

Sweat! That’s a lot of bang for the buck!

Godfroi, get busy on the ZIF programmer for it :wink:

Ian, blame it on your IPhone? :smiley:

That’s pretty nice Gus. Congratulations :slight_smile:


Nice. I knew that something was comming out.

@ Mike:

Pretty sure they’ve got you covered. See here the G120 module mounted on something that has at least 4 Gadgeteer sockets.

@ mike - wish I could blame that one on someone other than my tired skull… :wink:

I wonder what Mainboard will come out of this?

Any guess on what the pins to the right are for?

Nope, the eblocks are gone too. :’(

I wonder how long this has been in the works. My guess is that this effort predates Cerberus/Cerb40, because it uses the NXP processor.

@ ianlee:

Yeah, I wish. That would be quite the feat of mechanical engineering :wink:

We had GHI logo bouncing on a display running LPC1788 about 1.5 years ago! Gadgeteer with the MANY modules got us busy for a while so we are back to non-gadgeteer things.

Congratulations on the new release…
one request please…
can you please add it to the compare Page, it would make it easy for my brain to process the differences between this and the current offerings…


Actually, with the half holes on the edge like that all you really need are properly spaced male headers. Forget the ZIF.

Now that is the best news one can get for a monday!!!

The real question is why did this not pop up on the GHI Electronics News feed

because we are all special here and get the dips on the news FIRST… :smiley:

Congrats GHI !

nice to see a new ‘production’ class board :slight_smile: