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Another article I read on this, had specifically mentioned NETMF as something being discussed at one of the sessions, along with the MS embedded items.


Yeah - this one?

Interesting times i hope :slight_smile:


Is it the elephant in the room that Microsoft is finally seeing, but is it really an elephant or just a hologram? I think that Microsoft has so many pieces in place for IoT (Azure, Bing, etc) that even if its really just a gopher in the room Microsoft can make it happen with the right device development platform, but its time to get their cards on the table and let people know if they are in or out at the device level. I know Intel is desperate to get in the game as they have been watching ARM eating their lunch (and diner) so Intel has perhaps finally woke up, but what they are going to to about it really remains to be seen really as Intel has to shake off its fat and comfortable and become lean mean and nimble which isn’t easy to do (I’m not sure their stockholders want anything other then fat and lazy and will ride that right into the ground).


@ Duke Nukem - My guess is that Microsoft will release Windows Embedded for the Quark-based Edison SD card from Intel. This would run a full (or nearly full) and current version of .NET or WinRT. GHI would, of course, create a board that accepts this SD-format Card and gives you a bunch of Gadgeteer sockets… making the platform immediately useful. All the .NET MF driver code for the modules will be easily ported to the new platform. The price will gradually come down to around $20 for the Edison over the next 1 to 2 years as volume increases and components are consolidated and bing, bang, boom, everyone is doing IoT with .NET.

All of this is what the new IoT group at Microsoft is working on. Well, that’s my guess as an avid observer.


And we might even see an Edison pin compatible STM32F4 based SD card that would also work with the new Gadgeteer boards. Then you can move from platform to platform by just changing to a different card and re-targeting to the other .NET version in Visual Studio.

Of course all this is just me dreaming…right? :wink:


Hmm, not sure, but it’s April second already :think:


Shouldn’t be too hard :whistle:


SD form factor?


Looking forward to this session ;D


Yeah, I saw that news. My interpretation was the the form factor was just behind schedule, but still coming. Although, I could see the need for a new form factor of similar size with more contacts to prevent confusion and enable a more robust interface capability.


Ok, looks like it will be called “Windows on devices” …

Yup, something interesting is about to be launched… No GHI comments? I guess they are sticking to the NDA :slight_smile:


@ Valkyrie-MT - “Windows on Devices” will be free! But what is it?


OK I’ll say it, what will the power requirements be to run windows on a chip and then compare that to other devices in this space. This could be significant.

Next I don’t care what it is, but it better have sockets as the idea is to get software developers onboard with the platform and anything involving soldering is a barrier to entry that will keep most software dudes away.

still loving Gadgeteer, wondering if this is really a Gadgeteer v2 product.


“Windows” is the Marketing term. It will be a headless, streamlined version of Windows, similar to the power sipping version on the Windows Phone, but without the UI part and other unnecessary parts. That is my guess.



Microbe.Net is the next big thing in IoT… :whistle:


I missed the announcement, will WoD run on Gallileo as well, or just Edison?



@ Architect - :smiley:


Of course those aren’t Danish chickens, but I’m thinking impressive technology powering IoT devices with chicken farts.