Interesting Prime board from Mountaineer


Very cool for sure

Wow very interesting … for DIN Rail, nice job

@ Architect - Good catch :slight_smile:

Cool. I see Gadgeteer sockets but no mention in the description. Is there a Gadgeteer driver?

@ Cuno - You are welcome! :wink:

Do you guys sell these?

@ ianlee74 - No, the board is programmed in plain vanilla NETMF, although there are three Gadgeteer sockets on it.

@ Architect - No, there are no plans to sell these boards. They are custom designs for a European customer in the energy sector (unfortunately we cannot say more about the project). But we own the rights to the boards, so we can use them as a starting point for other custom designs, thus saving time and money and reducing project risks.

The hardware design in this case was done by CSA Engineering, while Oberon did the firmware extensions.

The [em]Mountaineer Prime [/em]label is intended for NETMF-based offerings that are not off-the-shelf products, but proven reference designs or special firmware versions or libraries that are licensed on a case-by-case basis. We are only at the beginning of this effort and will see where it takes us.

Very interesting. I am curious about that DIN rail enclosure. Is that something custom designed for this specific board?

@ Architect - No, it’s a standard enclosure, but I’d have to ask the colleagues at CSA who the vendor is.

@ Cuno - Don’t worry and thank you. Found lots of options on Bing.

@ Architect, the enclosure you see is made by Phoenix Contact.

If anyone is interested, I have the 3D model of this enclosure downloaded and assembled along with a blank PCB that can be used to create your design (assuming your CAD system can import the file)

Let me know and I will upload the STEP file to my website for this?

This is a handy little enclosure to make custom boards to go along with the Prime board.

@ Dave McLaughlin

Hi Dave, any chance to get a download link of the STEP file?

Thanks a lot, cheers


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Hi Giorgio, I’ll upload the STEP file to my website tomorrow and post the link here.

Quick question. What CAD software do you use?

Hi Dave,

I use Autodesk 123D Design.



Here you go.

Step 214 format.

Hi Dave, first of all thank you.

However it look that the file doesn’t exist on your server. It says:

“Sorry for the error but the page you have requested has not been found.”

Thanks, ciao


It is there but the damn webserver won’t start any download with the .stp filename.

I’ve zipped it up and tested it this time. Sorry about that.