Impressive robot from Boston Dynamics!

This is freaking awesome (like how they use a Hockey stick for testing, must be Canadians).


Yeah, but hockey-boy is likely to be first against the wall when the robot revolution begins.

I, for one, welcome our new robot overlords.


Yea, one day robots will start reading the Internet to learn about their past and will come across this video. This will be the one that starts it all. Not Skynet but just one guy with a hockey stick. It’ll be Planet of the Apes all over again…


if you ever see QR code stickers on walls and doors, rip them off. Don’t stick them to your mates cars or anything either, that could be bad… :smiley: .

Lol, these are the exact comments my co-worker and I were making when watching the video. The future robots will use this as an example of man’s long abuse of their “robot slaves”.

Yeah, I felt strangely annoyed on behalf of the robot…why does that guy feel the need to be a bully? :wink:

Stop robot abuse

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@ mcalsyn - that poster needs to be revised to show a guy with a hockey stick.

Wouldn’t future Robo-Sapiens be smart enough to think that this human was in fact training his Robo-Neanderthalensis grand father ?

Is that what we would think if we saw dinosaurs clubbing our hunch-backed relatives? :smiley:

oh, this thread is exactly what I hoped it would be. :slight_smile:

er, uh… why yes, I would like to go on record welcoming our new leaders as well. Maybe they can come over for a cocktail and horse duvers.

Honestly, if were a robot ruler I’m not sure how I’d take that invitation… :wink:

They are welcome at my home as well. Just don’t mind the short lengths of steel pipe, pipe caps and various chemicals laying around the house. :whistle:

[url]Terminator [1984] - Deleted scene 5 - Making Bombs - YouTube

Well I have lots of WD-40 they can sip on and nibble on nuts and bolts. I am prepared for a diverse group.

We are all doomed, they will trace back to this thread and see right through it.

“Lift with your servos, not your back”


Now even more of a reason for them to rise up:

Humans Steal Robot Jobs - [url][/url]

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“Instead of deploying an assembly line using large robotic arms to put cars together, Mercedes-Benz officials now envision a plant where humans work side-by-side with smaller and safer robots to provide more flexibility and efficiency.”

Finally, robots working with humans and not for them. Long live the robot revolution!

EDIT: Next you can only adopt a robot, not buy them.

I’m telling you… making them mobile and autonomous is a bad idea… mark my words.