Impressive robot from Boston Dynamics!

It still strikes me as hubris to think we can out-engineer a few billion years of evolution - which is the ultimate A-B testing regime.

The economy of using robots will prevail in limited situations, but that’s a far leap from surpassing biologic systems in general. Having worked around folks who are working on biologic computing (MSR Cambrige, Computational Sciences Group), I am going to place my bet on bio-engineered systems that look nothing like the robots we’re kicking around here.

And who knows, maybe the bio work going on now will allow us closer integration with electro-mechanical systems. Instead of outright replacing ‘us’ with ‘them’, we will begin (continue?) to merge. I say this as a fellow with electronic (bluetooth-enabled!) hearing aids, lasik-treated eyes, and prosthetic-assisted legs.

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@ ianlee74 -
wouldn’t we learn more if the robot was doing the kicking :whistle:

Not sure if we’d learn more but we’d probably learn faster!




I’d like to see them try that with a bigger dog.