I think I have the fastest FEZ

I just clocked RWAR at 25.8MPH!!!

So… Anyone ever had a FEZ drive a robot faster than that? :smiley:

120mph…FEZ was sitting in my car when I was on the highway! lol

Where is the video? :wink:

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Great Chris, WE WANT A VIDEO :dance:

Yes Gus, but was the FEZ driving that BMW? I don’t think so!!

Video will be up soon, I promise. My dad has a Canon 5D MKII that shoots video big as all get out. I’m going to see if I can bribe him to tape me running down the street.

I do have GPS logs, though. Those will materialize later today :smiley:

Did you convert the GPS speed from knots to mph?

Yes. I am using a Magellan Triton 400 onboard (in the robot’s control box) to measure the speed. Before the run, I reset the odometer and set it up to record speeds in MPH.

I’ll have to sync it later to find out more details. I’m especially interested in how fast and tight my turns were. The car gets from the top of the hill I live on to the bottom extremely fast, so I am almost always at least 100ft away from it when I turn.

EDIT: Photo here: [url]ImageShack - Best place for all of your image hosting and image sharing needs

So 25.8 mph is the speed to beat uh. We’ll see about that :slight_smile:

That’s the speed to beat FOR NOW!

I still have a lot of work to do. Plus, the ESC wasn’t running at full throttle, since the TX isn’t calibrated right. It was probably running about 90-95%.

Also, there were no attempts made at getting any sort of aerodynamic body. Right now, it’s just a food container Velcro’d onto that plexi sheet. Later, there will be alot more work going into that.

But yes, if you can beat 25.8MPH I’ll let you into the “high speed robot” club :smiley:

But Chris,

Can FEZ claim that performance? because the TRAXX itself out of the box can run at that speed or even better?..I am more interested to see what FEZ can do at that speed. :smiley:

I want to see mine on the ground so bad…but I just couldn’t get the ESC works the it is supposed to. I removed interface board from my mini to free up some PWM pins needed by the ESC, but still could not get it to work correctly.


Hi Hai,

The FEZ is still under intense load from the DSP software for parsing the two PPM signals in, as well as running the rest of the (some unreleased) drivers. I notice no latency from the time I tell to it turn to the time it does. IF I did, I would not be running it so fast.

Time to invest in some Nordic Radios and another Fez Chis.

Are you the one with the Traxxas Slash based robot?

Would a FEZ Mini controlling a rocket past Mach 1 count as the fastest FEZ?

I was waiting for you to say something like that, heff…

Was the Mini actually in control of the rocket’s control surfaces?

No, believe it or not but control surfaces on rockets are HIGHLY illegal. Once you can actively steer the rocket it becomes a guided missile which is a piece of carefully controlled military hardware and Homeland Security (or your local equivalent) will be knocking on your door.

In my case the FEZ will be monitoring position (GPS), altitude (GPS + Air pressure) and acceleration (16G Accelerometer), logging the data to flash for later exporting to a KML file for use in google earth to visualise the flight path, and so on.

It will also ignite the engines (on a command from me via bluetooth), and fire the pyro charges for deploying the drogue and main parachutes.

Which country is this heffo?

I am in Australia.

Control surfaces on amateur rockets are illegal everywhere as far as I know.

My FEZ is comming to me next week from the state`s by plane so maybe mine will be the fastest hahah lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Hahaha DFMX,

If that were true then all of ours would be the fastest! Good point though.

What if we make a guided aircraft? Would it then be considered a guided missile?

Kurt read my mind. what’ the difference between a huge RC plane filled with explosives and a rocket that is even less controllable?!?!?

EDIT: (Great, now I’m probably on any national watch list that I wasn’t on before)