How's Your Domino Doing? Here's Mine!

I bought my Domino in April of 2010, it was one of the last three from Sparkfun (afraid that it would be gone while I could afford it!)

I left it on the desk collecting dust for about two months (I was very busy that time.)
Then I joined the ‘Fezzer Club’ (TinyClr’s forum) and start to work on my Domino, using the eBook as the guide (still using it! it’s a great book-Thanks Gus!)
I was convinced that FEZ is really “Freakin’ Easy”.
Since then I was hooked!

One of my goal is to use all the pins on my Domino,
first I did not have a dateline when to have all the pins used.
After I submitted my “poorman console” to GHI for the “Maker Faire” exhibition in NYC.
[] or
Wiki page
I thought about having all the pins used by the end of the year(2010).

Here is the video, prior to the Maker Faire.

And I made it!
A few days ago, I soldered the last Domino’s pin to one of the pins of SMB380 accelerometer!

Every component connected had been tested using the provided drivers.

and working properly, but not optimize or doing more extensive software development.
(I’m only a starter/hobbyist!)

It’s still a ‘work in progress’ on the software side.
And the progress will be post along the way in the future.

What I got out of this is a lot of fun and increasing knowledge!

My question is, How’s is Yours(Domino) Doing?

Please, feel free to share yours in this thread,
even if you have only one component hook up!
(Thanks for sharing!)

Looks very nice!

Yeah and your board went to maker faire with GHI :smiley:

Mine is on top of my hexapod right now (yes, with new servo motors), trying to find a way to get a walking pattern together… :smiley:

I have no clue, lol ::slight_smile:

here is the clue:

“inverse kinematics”

Mine is in my ESD safe cabinet. Currently reworking RWAR’s chassis. It’s just too cold to test. Plus, last time I ventured outside into the street to get the mail, I slipped and fell on the ice in a rather spectacular fashion.

I apologize for laughing so much. I visualized something… spectacular.

O’ Fez King went out with RWAR
O’ Fez King had a great Fall~!
All the King’s horses and all the King’s men
Couldn’t get O’ Fez King up and running again!


I was working on a chess game using the Domino and a Propeller but the Chess game from Microsoft’s C# site was too big! I am hoping that Santa brings me an Ardbot from Budget Robotics. It is made for the Arduino but I’ll use the Domino. Besides my Boebot needs the company.

blittled we have a couple of those chasis in the dprg they are nice for the cost.


Yeah, serves me right for running to get the mail. My car keys landed about 35 feet away.

hahahahahahaha, sorry :smiley:

That is a heck of a lot better than landing on your car keys. :o Been there done that … now I live in Texas where it is warm … learned my lesson.

Going to get to 75 today according to the forecast. Nice


But when it’s goes below the freezing point or when you received some snow… It’s worst than anything!

I live in Canada (and enjoying winter time) and my former company head office was in Fort Worth, and I remember last winter they receive some snow (I think it was less than an inch) and everything was closed…

We already received more than 10 inches as of December 20th, so we will have a white christmas this year!

here in MN we have to count the snowfall by foot… LOL

:o :o :o :o On a scale of 0-255, how much more painful was this than stepping on a LEGO??

EDIT: Actually, now that I think about it, it wouldn’t really be bad at all if I fell on my keys. My car has one of those new fangeled “switchblade” keyfobs. The actual metal key is usually retracted inside, just like a switchblade, so I’d just hit a thin plastic block instead of a veritable knife.

I lived in Rochester NY for about 25 years and I know the ways of snow and ice. It is very true that a 1/4 inch of ice will shut down Dallas/Ft Worth or at least the major arteries. You should see the idiots on the road who think you need to slam on the brakes whenever you hit a patch of ice.

I try to stay home on those days.


[quote]That is a heck of a lot better than landing on your car keys. Shocked Been there done that … now I live in Texas where it is warm … learned my lesson.


Luckily I was wearing jeans and had relatively blunt keys … just got a nasty bruise on my thigh. Stepping on a LEGO with a bare foot would probably be worse.

Do you guys want to know
How’s my Domino Doing,
if I put outside in the 2" thick snow
and the 15 degrees weather in Chicago?? ::slight_smile: