How's Your Domino Doing? Here's Mine!

@ Sam dude, we’re in [italic]Chiacgo[/italic]. We’re not allowed to gripe about snow until it’s at least 4ft and in the double digit negatives [italic]without[/italic] wind chill.

Welcome to the lake effect my friend. 8)

Good to know there is at least another Chicagoen here! Let’s do lunch??

And I will restate my question then,

Do you guys want to know

How’s my Domino Doing,

if I put outside in the 4ft. thick snow
and the 5 degrees weather with lake effect snow in Chicago?? ::slight_smile: ::)hehehe

Muuuch better Sam!

And yes, always good to know another local FEZer! Hit me up after NYE and we’ll do lunch!

Well, I was wondering where was my Domino, I just pick it up at RobotShop warehouse!

I know what I’m gonna do during christmas weekend :slight_smile:

Good Deal! Gabriel,
Looking forward to see your Domino Project soon! :smiley:

Yes, I will start playing with tonight, then I may start some project. Someone I know was looking for a tracking device (GPS, Compass, …) so I may look to it or maybe look for a robot platform.

My fez project… I am been very very quiet on it. Building a full native MVC server is time consuming, and I fear memory consuming. I haven’t ran out of memory yet, but I may have to rethink a lot of my architecture.

For your ammusment, I had to rewrite the string class, so I had a native string formatter to work with the http renderer. So now I have stringA which is inherited from string.

I am also building tons of classes that just don’t seem to exist in the microframework that exist in the 2.x clr. Namely the System.Web classes, unless I have done my normal, missing the obvious, mistake. :slight_smile:

The sample code webserver[url] was instrumental in getting a starting point.

Once done, I plan on posting to codeplex, and putting all my relevent note on NETMFProjects. Don’t hold your breath, this is taking along time to build and design. Also Lego Mindstorm is distracting me. A early xmas gift.

I wool love to see a project that uses all flash memory. Never seen it in the past years I worked with NETMF. So will you be the first? :slight_smile: