How to extract dode from FEZ Raptor?

Hello !
I am new with Gadgeteer.
How can we exctract code from and FEZ RAPTOR ?

Do you mean binary or hex file?

you can’t do that. What exactly are you trying to do?

I was meaning the code .cs
Because i dont have the visual studio code no more , and i wanted to know if we can get the code back from the fez zaptor.

Ok, I wanted to get the code back from the fez raptor because i dont have the .cs no more

You can’t do that

just to be clear.

You or someone before you, programmed a .netmf program. You (or they) then uploaded it to the device.

Now, some time later, you have the device and not the source code. And you want to try to reconstruct the source code.

As others have said, thats not possible. The code is not stored as a raw file on the device, it is changed into a compiled form that is then transferred to the device where it runs.

Plus, if you look at this from a different angle, one possible scenario is that this device may have been stolen and the code would then be someone else’s intellectual property and trying to reverse engineer it would be a criminal activity - I am not accusing you of this, I am simply saying that on the internet, we don’t know you nor the history of the application on your Raptor, so it’d be hard for us to help you anyway.

Yes sir. Which is why I simply said not possible. We sadly get calls regularly by people trying to rip the code off our devices. I am sure not everyone is trying to steal an IP but it is particularly specious when you are asked by a person you have never seen before.

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okay thanks for your responding