How small is this new SoM?

It is about a square inch! The size of US quarter! Why? @Justin keeps on bugging me about a tiny 100BGA SITCore chip for his watch but then if we are going to offer such chip, we have to also put it to other good uses. And then this idea was born! SC20100 with Ethernet PHY on a single super tiny module!

So, if you like what you see, thank @Justin for the constant nagging :slight_smile:


but only one thing i dislike is
those outer way of pins

why do not simplefy us work with rounded ones and to use directly like @Justin 's Electron (by putting pins headers only)

Those are for high volume commercial use. We have the FEZ family that is user friendly. It is Freakin’ Easy! FEZ :wink:


I feel empowered, much like my wife must feel all the time… Nag and you shall receive :grin:

These are not that hard to hand solder. I do this all the time with the older G400S and G120. I also do this with the ESP32 etc. The trick is to solder 2 corners and then run a bead of sticky flux along the connections and then use a larger tip with a blob of solder on it and drag it along. You can also do them one by with a smaller tip. Then clean with IPA. Works a treat.


I think you are being a typical Murican and overstating the size of your equipment :yum:
If my assumption of 1.27mm pitch is correct then that would make it 950 x 800mil so 0.76
Just sayin… :blush:


You should be the head of marketing at GHI

Or head of pedantic specifications… just sayin’. :wink:


Did the USD Quarter get larger or this module is really that small?!!

Getting built now…


I did the math and it’s half the size of the G120 (by area) but it has Ethernet and is probably about 16 times faster.

I think it is 30 times faster

Could be, I was just guessing based on some of the specs. Wonder what will SoMs be like twenty years from now??!!

Doing our jobs and us calling them Master :rofl:


So the ultimate goal of GHI Electronics is to enslave us all. . . Interesting.

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Not GHI Electronics… their networking division GHI Skynet.