How old in 2016?

Looking at some of the avatars I can guess that many on here an not as young as we like to think we are, although our minds are with all the toys we like to play with.

I was wondering what the cross section of the the users on this forum will be age wise in 2016?

I will be 51. I should be a manager like most of my friends at the same age but I still like hands on and getting that eureka moment when it works.

Some come on, spill the beans and fess (or should that be fez) up on your age.

Although I just had my birthday (dec 23) next year’s is the big one - I’ll turn 50 just before Christmas.

Other famous Dec 23 birthdays:

Paul Hornung (Green Bay Packers legend)
Eddie Vedder (Pearl jam)
Emperor Akihito (of Japan)
Wesley Clark (General)
Robert Bly (Author)
Joseph Smith Jr (Prophet, Seer and Revelator)

We share a birthday! You are just a bit older than my eldest.

[quote]…a bit older than my eldest[/quote] @ suitable1 you have children that are pushing 50?

I will be 34 in Sep.

48 in May

I’ll be 29 again :wink:

(Hint: my Avatar gives it away)


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Wow, an old wolf.

I’ll tell you what, you look good for a 74 year old :whistle:

That’s what the ladies all tell me on Bingo night, too :wink:

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65 was a good year :open_mouth:

So I’m quite a youngster here: Getting 39

Just turned 21x2 a month ago.

so far, it looks like I am winning? or maybe losing? :stuck_out_tongue:


Mine starts with a 4…that’s all you’re getting. :smiley:

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56, yikes!

54 but feel a lot older! :think:

The fact I needed to get reading glasses now, did that for me. :slight_smile:

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So far no one under 30, yet.

It’s interesting to see that quite a few of us are no spring chickens anymore but still getting a kick out of what we do.

I’d say you deserve serious points for that alone. Without sounding condescending, it’s great to see you are still active in all of this.