How old in 2016?

I guess winning, since you’re closest to the great finish line in the sky.

Ditto for me!

Will be 53.

0x38 here



22 + 36 years of experience :stuck_out_tongue:

Calendar says 57 but I don’t know where they all went.

I’ll be 36 in the middle of June.

I used to look young, until I took this job now I have as many greys as not. :frowning:

Since retiring early this year, I am spending a lot more time on technology hobbies. My mind is a sharp as ever… wait… what were we talking about?


60 last November

53 in 4 days…

74 and going strong. Well, most of the parts.

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29 and counting

aaaaaaand about now he’s stopped. Whats the final tally?


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Certainly! 8)

I just checked and still 29!

@ Gary - You’re the youngest dude here? Are you older than John?

I should note that I stopped celebrating at 29 almost 20 years ago :smiley: and I am older than John.

So it’s not that you stopped counting at 29 because you have 29 fingers and toes and can’t count any further than that?