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Home automation aka Domotica


Hi Guys,

Here’s what I’m planning to do with the Freaking Easy Fez boards.
A picture says a thousand words



This can be combined with Chris’s alarm clock…or even skyworks OS :smiley:


Make sure there is encryption on those wireless modules or you might get hacked. It’s not often that hacking works like it does on tv shows where they can take over everything… but with unencrypted wireless control of your security it might just happen.


Looks good. Wish you all the best with your project.


Thanks guys,

One thing i forgot in the drawing is the heating which will also be controlled by the cobra. (and over time I’m sure I will come up with other things to add)

no volunteers with similar interest to join this project?



Are the sure the Cobra will be able to handle those video cameras? I’m not sure if those are going though it or just past it.


Nah, it is there to complete the “big picture”. In reality, the cobra will pick up a signal when somebody rings at the front door, cobra will send a signal to the domotica server which in turn will take a picture with the ip camera.

So there’s no video going through the cobra at all. Maybe if the ip camera allows, have the cobra send a command to the camera to instruct the camera sending an image to the server.


I have a similar project coming along too - although no nice pictures :slight_smile:


Heey EriSan,

Im looking forward to folow ur project, because i had the same id but im not advanced enough to build a project like this. :-[:’(


Who says I am ? ::slight_smile:

Volunteers, feel free to join :wink:


Helping is a very good way to learn


Personally, I would not use any wireless components in a system like this. Ethernet cables are cheap and the security and ease of use is far superior to wifi. Not to mention you could use a power over ethernet scheme to power any remote devices.


conceptually, here’s my thoughts.

At the moment I’m playing with “blocks”. I am starting work on the “client” first, since my Cobra is waiting with the Panda order so will be shipping in October.

I have LCD, one-wire temperature sensor basics, and basic network connectivity sorted out, and I’m now starting work on the text menu system.

Happy to try to help but I’m a) a novice when it comes to doing this stuff, and b) have very little time to contribute



Looking at your diagram for the clients, I see you are looking at using a 20x4 Character LCD and a set of UDLR+Select buttons.

I can point you to a pretty cool 20x4 Character LCD with UDLR+Select+Cancel buttons, Dallas-OneWire interface for upto 32 temperature sensors and 4x12v Fan controllers with PWM and all on a Serial or USB interface to the host.

I have used these LCDs myself and I have even contributed a hdd SMART monitor plugin for their software.


thanks for the pointer Heffo, but given my aim was to re-use things I had in “stock” (Fez excepted :wink: ) buying more “stuff” isn’t going to win me browie points with SWMBO :slight_smile: They do look much cooler than anything I’ve dreamt up though !


Yeah, going the re-use route is a good thing. I really need to do some of that my self. I got a load of parts all bagged up and boxed from when I moved house last but they mostly are still there. I really need to setup my workspace. The CrystalFontz guys do have some pretty sweet displays and they had a good lineup of what you specified so I thought I would point em out.

The good thing about em is like the TinyCLR/FEZ/GHI guys they appreciate the assistance from the community, they have sent me some (rather expensive) stuff at no charge for the help I gave em on their forums, so I do like to point people in their direction when I can.


Euhm, there is no wifi involved, only RF at 433 and 838 Mhz for sensors around the house like temperature, humidity, light level, movement. It’s not meant as a security system.

The only sensor exposed to the outside world (and even restricted to my driveway) is the RFID reader to open the garage door. Even on the website there’s nothing that can do harm to my home.

Maybe the 15" touch panel will be connected over wifi if I don’t manage to pull a network cable to it’s location.


Uhm, I believe it was you who said in a other thread that he did not have much money at the moment.

Have you ever looked at how much this will cost? This costs a lot of money.

However: I love such projects, please keep us(me) posted.


I’m looking at a cost of around 2000 euro, but this will not be done all at the same time. The biggest cost will be the touch screen (around 500). I gathered over time quite some stuff like the remote controlled switches, the sensors for the gas/water/electricity, onewire sensors, a couple pir’s, the RF modules, and the electric blinds are also in place.

Anyway, for those of you interested to see what i’m working on:

This date is all gathered by 1 arduino, which i hope to replace soon with a FEZ board. :wink:
The arduino can’t follow fast enough resulting in missing pulses from my gas/electricity/water meters.



That is one hell of a cool system. Where did you get that website system? Did you create it?