Graphical User Interfaces with TinyCLR OS

With TinyCLR OS, you can use .NET C# to give your customers a beautiful graphical user interface on tiny IoT devices. First, it allows direct pixel-level drawing on displays. It also has full blown font support. While parallel TFT displays just simply work, I2C/SPI displays can be made to work through the internal graphics support. This post talks about it. And here is an example by the the community on how to use the internal graphics with an LED panel.

But wait, that is not all! The built-in user interface library has several controls, like ‘Panel’, ‘Button’ and ‘ListBox’. These controls can also be extended in many ways to create new custom controls. For example, this animated image shows a custom slider.

We invite you to take a look at the graphics documentation and see the GitHub examples. We are regularly updating both, so check back often.