Got My Hydra

Weird. All of mine are identical.

Yep, stay away from the Gadgeteer framework for now. Check the Hydra Developers wiki page.

If you should decide not to wait…here’s a little enum I’ve started to help use the native pins. It only has what I’ve needed so far but feel free to extend. It will save you a lot of time digging through the schematics and calculating the pin numbers.

using System;

namespace HydraNative
    public enum HydraNativePins
        S03P03 = 40,
        S03P04 = 41,
        S03P05 = 44,
        S03P06 = 45,
        S03P07 = 26,
        S03P08 = 25,
        S03P09 = 27,

        S04P03 = 34,
        S04P04 = 11,
        S04P05 = 12,
        S04P06 = 46,
        S04P07 = 26,
        S04P08 = 25,
        S04P09 = 22,

        S05P03 = 9,
        S05P04 = 22,
        S05P05 = 21,
        S05P06 = 10,
        S05P08 = 23,
        S05P09 = 24,

        S06P03 = 113,
        S06P04 = 13,
        S06P05 = 14,
        S06P06 = 29,
        S06P07 = 30,
        S06P08 = 23,
        S06P09 = 24,

        S07P03 = 115,
        S07P04 = 6,
        S07P05 = 7,
        S07P06 = 116,
        S07P07 = 110,
        S07P08 = 111,
        S07P09 = 112,

        S12P03 = 73,
        S12P04 = 74,
        S12P05 = 75,
        S12P06 = 76,
        S12P07 = 77,
        S12P08 = 71,
        S12P09 = 70

    public static class HydraNative
        public static int HydraPin(string pinName)
            pinName = pinName.ToUpper();
            if (pinName.Substring(0, 1) != "P") return -1;
            return (((int)(pinName.ToCharArray(1, 1)[0]) - 65) * 32 + Int32.Parse(pinName.Substring(2, pinName.Length - 2)));


Got my Hydra today as well - beautiful board.

hmm interesting. What else do they have there? I will be in Level3 next week, will stop by to check it out.

My new Zenbook at work is arriving tomorrow. I am excited about that. ;D

@ Architect

Large selection of desktop, laptop, and tablet PCs, all set up with the Microsoft Signature PC build of Windows (i.e. - little or no 3rd-party add-on stuff that most PCs come with and than many of us remove immediately), so the out of the box experience is what Windows should be like. :wink:

Also, of course XBOX and XBOX games, Windows Phones, LCD monitors and TVs, and (to my surprise) even Kindle readers.

One popular item today was the Samsung Series 7 Slate, which is roughly the same form factor as the tablet that was given out at BUILD (though some of the internals are different), running Windows 7. It’s a nice piece of hardware, and worth a look if you’re itching for a tablet, but want something you could actually code on if you wanted to.

Definitely stop in…if you haven’t seen one of the stores, it’s worth a visit.

@ Architect

I picked up an Acer Iconia W500 for my wife:


Got a nice discount on it…had been toying with ordering one from Amazon, and glad I held off. They had some special discounts today, so I saved a bundle.

Nice one!

I have PDC slate with Windows 8 on it - love it! We have Apple store here in McArthur mall in Norfolk. Now we need MS store too!

I have an idea! How about having some Gadgeteer products in MS store? That would be a neat experiment!

@ Architect

I like that idea…I’m planning to get to know the folks who run the store better, since they have some space that can potentially be used for events. Perhaps Pete Brown and I can do our gadgeteer schtick at the store, and the demo will convince them that they need to stock .NET Gadgeteer gear. :slight_smile:

PS - I have the PDC tablet as well (I actually paid for mine), and I think it’s a majorly underrated machine, particularly once you bump the RAM up and put an SSD in it. Nice size, and the convertible form factor is great when your workload involves coding, rather than just couch surfing.

I got my fiance one of those recently; she loves that thing.

Now on to business…it’s Friday! I can has drivers? :wink:

OH and what do you get when you take Skewworks, a 200MHz Gadgeteer board and add a few hours? A 60FPS Tower Defense game. 8)

60FPS? Isn’t that…I don’t know…just a tad excessive for a tower defense game? :wink:

That’s just the alpha; I’m hoping my next batch of updates will run the same map @ ~100FPS.

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