Got My Hydra

OK Gus, I’m here with my Hydra and a bunch of modules…we have the firmware for it?

Mine is coming tomorrow! :dance:

Give me the alpha code I will fix it. I will fix it good! Bwahahah!

No, seriously. I have a new toy and I want to play. I [italic]will[/italic] spend the night writing drivers.

Plug it to display and power. Do you see stich?

Note the device takes about 5 second to show anything. This will much faster soon.

You will have the code, we are working on it. Aron’s wife had to go to hospital so this caused some delays. I hope she is doing well.

Yup I see Stitch; just can’t do anything yet because there’s no Hydra gadgeteer board available. I will seriously do alpha code dev outside the community.

Send my best to Aron when he returns; I hope all is well!!!

You have schematics and loaded firmware. Try loading gadgets on it and see how fast it will run :slight_smile:

I have firmware on it but there’s no Hydra board in Visual Studio…how would I write a project w/o the main board?

Happy to do so, just now sure how…

Stich?! No flame spewin’ hydra monster?

So if several of us are working on code, how are we going to handle source control, testing, and general who’s on first kinda stuff? Codeplex project? They do Mercurial now, which is geared towards OS projects. Other ideas?

What do you see under device manager?

Try a different USB hub/port maybe.

No I see the device itself and it shows up on the Transport/Device list.

What I’m saying is if I start a new Gadgeteer project only Spider shows up.
So how would I instance the LCD and other modules?
Is there a way to do it as a regular NETMF project?

Good, now load your software just like you do on any other device. Forget it is gadgeteer for few more days.

Still waiting for my Hydra to make home,
In the mean time I was going to suggest maybe if you copy the spider generated code onto the hydra and off you go…


Oh, look at that, it just works. Fast & Easy. I was expecting maybe to have LCD issues or something. I can use the hardware info you have online to address the button and such sans Gadgeteer.


First test of the Mario Side Scroller: 121.65 FPS (no animation/enemies; just scrolling a map 16x16 tiles)

How faster is it than spider? I think it was about 5 times?

Hard to give an exact comparison since the Cobra is running a larger screen (480x272).

Rounding to nearest 10th.
Cobra @ 480x272: 33.5 FPS
Hydra @ 320x240: 121.7 FPS

3.6X faster

I think you have a debug firmware too do it will be even faster with release.

I don’t suppose there’s a way for me to get this SD module working w/o Gadgeteer is there?

I want to see Gadgetos/GameSlate running on this thing but SD or USB are required by both.

SD drivers are not on yet but it should be an easy addition.

We found a bug in block storage, btw. You way want to hold for another day.

OK. Guess I’ll stick to a few low end tests for now.