Got My Hydra

Btw Gus,

Since it is GCC and open source, may be it is a good time to try 4.2 on it. Would make a nice press release :whistle:


Gadgeteer is still 4.1 so 4.2 will not make sense.

Is there a map of Cpu.Pin numbers to socket pins somewhere for the Hydra? I don’t see these numbers on the schematics or I don’t understand how to derive them (likely). Please help! I have this beautiful black board on my desk that’s roaring to make something happen.


I added this to the wiki

That formula is exactly what I needed. Thanks, Gus!

This one bug is making everyone go crazy around here. We can deploy any one assembly but once you have multiple then it fails. We know it is a bug in out block storage drivers and we want to fix this then we can pass a complete FEZ Hydra support on to the community.

While Aron is working on the bug, we finished the gadgeteer drivers so we may just have it all ready this week. How cool would that be?!

Can’t wait! Unfortunately, I’ll be in VA for a wedding all weekend… So, you can have until Monday if you need it :wink:

@ ianlee74

Where in VA? I’m in the VA suburbs west of DC.


I am still a little fuzzy about the position of the Hydra in the GHI product line.

I get the feeling that the Hydra is aimed at the open source community, and the multi-headed dog will be the closed source high speed Gadgeteer mainboard.

My Hydra came today. I looked at it and said “nice”. But when I tilted the board, and the light hit it at right angle, I was amazed by the routing on the board. It was done by an artist.

An artist named “Gus” :smiley:

Mike, I would love for you to take a look at the layout in eagle so you can really see the art involved. This is not the typical open source board. This is OSH from GHI :slight_smile:

You will understand how all products fit together in couple weeks.

More of those dang tantalizing hints… sheez…

@ devhammer I believe we’ll be in Leesburg, VA. I have to confirm that with the “boss” later though… Would love to meet up but I doubt there’s going to be much time to get away :frowning:

@ ianlee74

Small world…you’ll be right in my back yard, so if it looks like you might have a few minutes to spare, drop me a note (g dot andrew dot duthie at microsoft dot com). Would be happy to meet you for coffee at one of our local (non-Starbucks) coffee shops, if we can find a time that works. I’ve got a couple activities going on this weekend as well, but it would be a shame for you to be so nearby and not have the opportunity to say “hi”. :slight_smile:

No worries if it doesn’t work out though…I understand about busy weekends.

I’ll definitely give you a shout if it looks like I can get away. We’re driving up Fri with all the kids then leaving Sunday morning. So, most of our time will be spent either at the rehearsal or the wedding. I’m the chaeuffer :wink:

This image is for mike :slight_smile: Now, this is how boards are made in 2012 :wink:

Looks great!

Got mine and a DuinoProto yesterday, but only had time to unpack and stare at it. Just had to attend the first meeting of a new local uC group last night. I’m hoping it will eventually turn into a decent hackerspace.

Piezos Beware!!! Hopefully I don’t drive the family mad with beeping this weekend! One of my dogs starts to howl when the freq/decibels is just right :slight_smile:

My Hydra arrived today…yay!

But between stopping by the new Microsoft Store that just opened today in Tyson’s Corner Center mall (picked up an Acer Iconia W500 tablet for my wife for less than $400), finalizing my UG demos, and going and talking at the Charlottesville .NET user group tonight, I only had time to open it up and take a quick peek.

I’m curious…some of the sockets have small plastic “stoppers” in them, while some are empty. Any significance there?

Should I still be holding off trying to make this work with anything Gadgeteer-related?

Given that I’m still a relative newb when it comes to the basic .NET MF stuff…anything I can do to be helpful in moving things forward?