GHI's tool to replace MFDeploy

We want to make your experience with GHI devices even more pleasurable :slight_smile: We are working on this tool that should simplify a lot of tasks. We see couple improvements already and this is the first public release so problems are possible but please let us know if you face any issue.

If you love it, send us some beer. If not, let us know what we can do to make it better…beer is still welcome :slight_smile:



Any tutorials or WIKi?

Very nice tool and beautiful UI Design.
For example,
I don’t know about Network and Wireless configuration.
For example, If I load the Network configuration to the board, means I don’t need to setup the network configurations to the code(for example IP adress,… )?
And what is the difference with the button of Load and Apply?

Sorry I am not so smart…

Thank you very much.

I agree good documentation would be helpful. Especially for anybody who is just starting with NETMF.

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oops editing this post, just realized this thread was about mfdeploy :slight_smile:

@ PaulMineau

Check this link

Gadgeteer tutorials tab. It is all there.

of course, wasn’t reading, my bad.

Very nice. Thanks.

Nice tool indeed.
I just saw also the updater tab: I have a FEZ Domino, FEZ mini and some weeks now a FEZ Cerbuino Bee, those are not listed, is it possible to include does as well or when it is managed by one of the options already, please put a tooltip/hint telling so.


The only 4 options on the “Updater” are EMX, Spider, G120, and Hydra. So this doesn’t include a USBizi device, so that counts out your Domino and Mini, and it doesn’t include a Cerb-family device and that also counts out your Cerbuino Bee. Edit: USBizi devices are not being “enhanced” any further, which would explain why GHI opted to not include that as an option in this. Plus I don’t know whether the MFDeploy update option works with the limited memory of the USBizi. You can still use the “USBizi updater” application that comes with the SDK to help this.

I understand the reason of th USBizi family, but looking as a newbe. It is not that clear which you can use or not. When you do not have one listed.
The same about the upgrader included framework files SDK’s newbe’s dont know what to do with that part of the installation process.

@ Gus -

Nice tool!
“let us know what we can do to make it better”

I would like to see in the LCD Configuration a list of correct presets for the LCD’s GHI sells (others if you have the information.

I got a bit lost (I’m old… So…) - The button Erase in panel Application Deployment. Seemed a bit out of place to me.
Relabel the button? Maybe it it just the way I look at things. To me app deploy is not erasing. It is creating…

Just me…


Great! Now I can update my MAC addresses on my EMX devices with 4.2 flashed on them! Great work guys!

Great Tool very intuitive,
just what are the 3 network interfaces?

It misses one important thing about the CONFIG.HEX. If we modify the config (lets say that our app does not need to have touchscreen and reuses the corresponding ios for something else), then I need a tool to extract from memory the config in order to reuse it when performing IFU. Otherwise after IFU the board needs to reboot to reapply headless config. Mfdeploy does not do that, whereas I believe it should be really easy. I do not have time to go deeper in MFDeploy and did not find the source code yet (only dll api’s) but I think this could be usefull

Yesterday I got my new Cobra II. I had some issues to deploy an application from Visual Studio 2010 after I made the firmware update with the new configuration tool GHI_NETMF_Configuration_Toolv003.exe. In Visual Studio I got the error message: Device not found or cannot be opened – USB:Gadgeteer.
I finally had success when I did the firmware update with the Version 4.2.9 Updater: Program Files\GHI Electronics\GHI Premium NETMF v4.2 SDK\Firmware Update\G120Updater.exe when I set the option Set USB Friendly name to Gadgeteer(optional)

Does anybody else have the same problem with the new Coniguration-Tool or am I doing something wrong?

@ andre.m - No it was closed. I read the thread from yesterday Did you succeed with the firmware update of the Cobra II with the new tool?

@ Dat -
Thank you, works perfect now!

Uups, where is your post?

When applying the MAC address it is in decimal format, is there a way to input it as hexadecimal?

IFU on, if you don’t add Config flag


, I think the current config on your device won’t be changed.

SystemUpdate.Initialize(SystemUpdate.SystemUpdateType.Config | SystemUpdate.SystemUpdateType.Deployment | SystemUpdate.SystemUpdateType.Firmware);

Anyway, this is great idea, we will think about that