GHI's holiday gift to you

I have been thinking on what would the ultimate holiday gift be to this community, especially those that have been with us for years and own every single GHI product!

Thinking and thinking…and it finally hit me. So, can you guess what I am getting you? You will know soon when you see it but the first one to guess gets a $50 GHI gift card!

So what that might be? The ultimate GHI gift to you this holiday season.

Or free international shipping

Or a modern cellular module

Or maybe an mbed Christmas tree

picture from gary in the right direction?

I can only imagine what GHI Christmas cards would look like if Gary did them. I wonder if he is related to Pablo Picasso or something.

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Come on guys, I put a lot of thinking into this. I can do better than the suggested ideas :wink:

How about plane tickets to New Zealand to drag that crazy kiwi back.


Is it complete open source for something that has been proprietary until now?


Limited edition new Panda board?


Let me give a hint but I will not say more :slight_smile: This is a gift so you will receive something from us and of course you will not pay a dime for it!

$50 gift card is ready to give away, just guess :dance:

Spider II

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All I want for Christmas is an IoT ready (WiFi + BT) NETMF board the size of a Cerb40 and under $40 :). And if I can be greedy then I’d like it to be open source…

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Gadgeteer version of the ALCAM

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@ Gus - PowerMate?

A Fez, we talked about ordering those a long time ago, I can hardly wait!!!

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A phone call ? :-[

What do you get for someone with every GHI board money can buy? A super secret GHI board that’s not even on sale(yet at least).

A white xmas would be nice !!!

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I agree, that would be most welcome !!!

… but seriously … a .Net Core board …

Tesla X? :wink:

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