GHI is installing a complete production line

GHI currently uses about 6 different assembly houses and we are still having problems keeping up with demand. So, we decided to buy our own production line. We have been working on this for few months now but it is finally happening. Our line uses top of the line equipment, even better than what some assembly houses have. Only $250,000 USD investment :wall:

Our new production manager is an expert with over 15 years of experience in building circuit boards. Quality is top requirement for GHI.

What is in it for you? FEZes will always be in stock but more importantly is the ability for GHI to offer much larger verity and help the community in building custom boards. Take FEZ Ant for example

We will be posting some before/after pictures for the community to enjoy.

Thanks to this great community and to the supportive customers who helped us in making this possible. An official announcement will be made once we have the line running.

Wow that is awesome! Way to grow GHI!

;D ;D ;D

Excellent! Can’t wait to try your new service.

Excellent… say this in the Simpsons “Mr. Burns” way :wink: image too. ;D

Will this line include PCB manufacturing or just assembly?

Assembly but we are also looking at other things like laser cutters.

Pcb manufacturing is a whole beast and never done by OEM companies.

Wow! Congrats to your success! :clap:

One very nice thing about producing the boards in house is that your engineers will gain a much better appreciation of DFM (design for manufacturing). Laying out the board to make production easier, using a common parts library, etc all of those little things really make a huge difference. This will yield better products at lower prices. I put in the first SMT line at my previous employer and had a bit of a challenge getting them to think of DFM but they eventually got the idea.

That is really exciting Gus, congratulations!

@ Gus,

Is this located in Michigan, or overseas? If the former, are community members invited for tours? I’ve got family in the Detroit area, and I owe the folks at GANG a user group talk, so that would give me three great excuses for a visit (though probably not 'til it warms up again. I lived through quite enough Michigan winters in my youth, thankyouverymuch).


It’s about time…


Congratulations GHI

It’s a huge investment, but imagine what the benefits would be!
Very well chosen, hope to see some “made in ghi lab” products ;D

No overseas, all made in USA right in our building in Michigan. Tours are welcome.

very excited for you guys, i can already see two teams rotating, day shift and the night shift team.

So GUS now you’ll have a hard time leaving work to go home… i wonder how are you going to justify you new late hours?..whatever you say don’t include I’m having too much fun at work… the missis get jealous when you say that :), their brain short circuits when it hears the word fun and ignore everything that follows.
FOR then it is like this:
FUN at WORK = not working but more like playing …

Congratulations… ;D

@ Gus Impressive! GHI is growing in strenght :slight_smile: How many people do you currently employee? I remember you saying 10 on Embedded World (that was February/March) !

That’s great news :slight_smile: I was looking into producing PCBs myself and found out that it’s not as easy as some YouTube videos suggest…

@ Gus,

You’re making me smile…love the home-grown manufacturing, and it’s great that at least someone is keeping some jobs in Michigan…great work.

Now to figure out how soon it’ll be warm enough to make a trip up there. :slight_smile:

When do you expect to have the production line rolling?


Before the holidays

I thought it would be fun to see the progress. The shop is getting all cleaned up and painted. Shawn and Devin are determined to finish it this weekend :slight_smile: