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GHI and copyright inffrigment


We have about 6 new raw boards coming from overseas that been stuck at customs for a while. After many calls to the carrier we learned that they are on hold due of copyright infringements.

This cracks me up and I can’t wait to get a letter from customs to see what copyright! Calvin Klein?

At the same time, sorry guys, 6 new products are delayed for now :slight_smile: Once of them is a 4.3" gadgeteer display.


The open source logo?


Where overseas ? Asia ? Maybe it is a “reverse engineering” copyright :wink:


Interesting. Please share once you figure it out.


No, stuck here coming into the U.S.

This package has been driving me nuts I want these boards.


Interesting idea. I haven’t heard anything about that case in a while. If they started blocking that at the border then everyone would be in a world of hurt.


I got a buck that says Apple is behind this.


I say that it’s apple as well. This makes a very interesting case; I didn’t know that US customs will hold hardware for copyright infringement. Might be a good time to warm up the lawyers just in case.


any update on this? im keen to find out what the new products are :slight_smile:


Are they still stuck?


ECHO Echo echo…


No info yet


Have you called the IPR Help Desk by phone at 562–980–3119, ext. 252 or by email at ipr.helpdesk@ as per


After calling customs 100 times, we gave up and reordered the boards as we can’t afford waiting…

… guess what showed up today?

No letters, nothing. I guess GHI is doing things legally :slight_smile: I am still wondering what made them suspicious!!! I would pay $100 to find out :open_mouth:


I hope it wasn’t a huge loss :frowning:


no loss, we just have double boards :slight_smile:




I already built some new boards before I went home for the night :slight_smile:


Pictures sir or it did not happen!


@ Tease Electronics LLC

Exactly! :smiley: