GHI and copyright inffrigment

That would be up to Gus. :slight_smile:

Could be worse, you could’ve been trying to import a boat:

Remember, kiddies, rich = evil, so anything bad that happens is their own durn fault.

Something tells me DHS picked on the wrong dude this time.

BTW, not an Arrington fan, per se, just enjoying the karma of bureaucrats messing with someone before they realize how large a microphone they command.

They just wanted to test drive his boat :smiley:

No a fan myself. Didn’t know he sold techcrunch.

I would like to be rich one day, do i get to choose to be evil or does it just happen? :smiley:

Evil & Rich might be associated with boats … Prime example: Larry Ellison

Did the boards have the GHI logo on them? You know what would be funny; if customs thought that the boards were going to infringe on GHI Electronics LLC. You should pay money to find out.

My experience with customs is that no matter what country what they do is 90% completely random. I’ve had the customs in the destination country hold up packages I sent a few times and there has never been an explanation given. I had on package get stuck in customs in Hungary for a couple of months. They wouldn’t even tell the recipient they had it! You just never know what will happen :slight_smile: