Getting ready for Endpoint

Ok, I have been away from Visual Studio for a while…

I want to get my environment ready for Endpoint.

I updated Visual Studio 2022 to the latest version. I saw this was required for .NET 8.

I installed the GHI VS extension for the Endpoint debugger, which I assume includes the project templates? I could not find any endpoint templates when creating a new project. Does a device need to be connected to create a project? Maybe .NET 8 must be installed for templates to show?

I don’t think I have .NET 8 installed. I tried to install with VS installer, but could not find it as an install option. If I create a console project, .NET 8 is not an option. Do I install .NET 8 SDK separately?

If anyone has gotten their Endpoint environment ready, could you please post how you did it?

FEZ Endpoint?

No Visual Studio here for now, sticking to VS Code.

I installed the .NET 8 SDK from [x64 Installer]( Download .NET 8.0 (Linux, macOS, and Windows) (

**Chose as appropriate for your CPU + OS

I opened up my VS Code hit Ctrl + Shift + P to get to “Endpoint: Create .NET Project”. A project using the template blinky project was created.

Ctrl + Shift + P

Select an existing folder

Type in your application name

Starter (template) project created

Nuget Packages restored

Debug fails (don’t have an Endpoint device yet)

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Thank you!

It is late here in New Jersey. I will try VS Code tomorrow on a ARM Mac.

I commented out the hardware dependent lines to run the executable on Windows for fun :grinning:



There is template for VSC but no need template for Visual Studio.

For VS, create a project then menu → Debug → Option → EndpointDebugger, check the checkbox to deploy to the device instead of running on PC.

@Raj @Dat

I was able to be Visual Studio 2022 running on Windows 11. I am ready.

Thanks for the assistance.