Getting PCB's made

With the Corona virus affecting production out of China, and the fact my existing PCB maker, JLCPCB has cut back production to just doing 2 layer boards, I am looking for a PCB house that can do 4 layer boards up to 10 off but at reasonable prices. I am going to miss the low prices of the likes of JLCPCB whilst they deal with this awful virus, but at the same time, I need to be able to support clients with sales.

Anyone got any good leads to low-cost PCB fab outside of China for 4 layer boards?


In any case, the quality is fine.

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Thanks. Looking at their prices, I am sure going to miss JLCPCB. Almost 3 times the price. I guess I have no choice right now.

I have used Their turn time is good, the quality is good, the cost is competitive. You will have a hard time beating the JLCPCB prices.

I can’t even get a quote on their website without inputting my credit card details and input is in inches only. :frowning:

In their marketing video, they kinda boast about the fact they ship so much product that the shipping provider sends plane just for them! I don’t know if it’s true though.

I’ve used them personally (I think you know that story).

allpcb, pcbway etc are Chinese…

Not sure if Europe is an option for you.

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It is right now but my god, the prices. I got a board made last month from JLCPCB that is 167x110mm and 4 layer. It cost for 5 boards, $41.60 plus $19.00 DHL shipping. Same board with the above, $282 inc shipping. With the fact I can’t get some parts that have to come from China, this corona virus is going to put a huge dent in my business. As most of my projects are low volumes, the likes of JLCPCB have been crucial to ensure I can offer best prices.

That is a hugh difference. I guess it’s hard to compete with China. Sometimes i ordered from

Seeed Studio seems to be accepting orders for 4-layer so I’ve given them a try at 2 times the normal price I pay. Beggars can’t be choosers. :slight_smile:

Have you tried DirtyPCBs:

Just a quick look and the prices seem similar to what I am getting quoted with Seeed Studio. Not checked their shipping costs yet though. That often is the killer for many.

[EDIT] Click on save to cart brings up a message about 2 layer production starting to ship but looks like 4 layer may be still on hold.

why do not ask GHI maybe they could offer better price :smiley:

GHI doesn’t make the PCBs; just assembly.

but to do assembly you need to have PCB ?

I’ve used Sunstone Circuits out of Oregon, USA for years. They do a great job.

Very true but many PCB population houses farm out the actual bare PCB manufacture. My local company here in Indonesia gets the boards made in China and then populates the PCB’s in their own factory.

Even our very own Justin fabs out the PCB’s but does his own population.

Gee, when will the USA switch to metric? It asked for size but no indication of units so used mm and it then said my PCB was too large. :smile: 167x110 is not that large but apparently it is in inches. :rofl:

Anyway, when I finally input as inches I got a quote and on the first look at $57 it was very good until I saw that was the per board cost. At over $570 for 10 boards plus shipping, I won’t be using their services. Seeed Studio came out top at $204 including shipping. It will just take a few days longer.


Yes, but Seeed Studio has been shutdown due to the C-Virus hasn’t it? Looking at the top of their homepage last week (its gone now) they indicated they were closed or shipments would be greatly delayed. Better check before placing an order…

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