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Gameo - Need the info


I am trying to find where the conversations being held about Fez Gameo are being held.

I have the Propeller Demo Board and the PropRPM if I recall correctly. Anyways, this project is very intersting to me. I have written games in the past and do love the hardware part of it as well.


Pete (aka fezzerpete)


Hello Pete, thanks for adding me as a friend! (Do you have twitter too? #Foekie :wink: )

Anyway. As fas as I know Gameo is on ice.

The topic is gone, but the project page still does exists, as you may have found yourself.


Wiki Project page:


Peter, I love to work with you on this project. I didn’t get a lot of sponsors as there aren’t many users on this community than know propeller.


Ok the other discussion is gone so either we need to start another discussion or use this one.

What resolution are you planning on?

How many colors do you plan for the project to use? Of course, there should be a pallet table to hold the colors and use indexed colors.

We need a display region (prefferably 2 for back pageing). A character area… and a sprite area. Since this would need to be serial, I suppose all sprites and character data would be sent to the propeller prior to the game. Then we would use serial commands to alter the positioning of the sprites. Thinking of it more like the dos ISR routines… send as little data as possible during runtime to make the game run as fast as possible.

Pete (aka FezzerPete)


What about a little phone chat? I am not seeing a number in your profile so please call GHI or email me your phone number … gusi@ ghielect…com


Seems like the right person is found! We can soon play mario on FEZ !! WOOOOOO :smiley:


WOOOOOO, yay! :dance:


An issue I am really grappeling with is… Is the propeller really the best choice? I can’t seem to find a good video chip to make an argument for. If any of you know of one please let me know.

The problem with the prop is quite frankly memory. I keep thinking well maybe I create a circuit that uses an external memory chip that could pump the propeller with bytes based on an adress counter. You pulse it, another 8 bits appear on the propeller for the chip to read, translate and send out to the RCA jack. I really want he whole 64k instead of 32k from the prop… that would make me at least somewhat happy.

I do love the idea of programmable hardware but I don’t see people who would use the fez to write a game actually wanting to mess with the video driver so much as drawing on the screen.

Just weighing options. Any thoughts from you guys?

Pete (AKA FezzerPete)


For $3? Yes it is the BEST and only option!

You can spend $30 and make much better circuit using SDRAM/FPGA…but is this really needed?


So I take it you are opposed to a nice fpga video output. Killjoy!!!


FPGA is great but costs 10 times as much and development hardware/software is not easy.


Ok… now I have been doing some research into FPGA’s. Lets take the IGLOO series for example (ACTEL). they can range from $4 to $100 (1 million gates). I notice it seems that FPGA’s in the $30 range have Micro Controllers imbedded in them. Blah. If we went the route of FPGA we would have to make some sort of In circuit programmer…

Of course a FPGA with about 64k of ram would be great… not looked for that yet.

I feel another phone call coming my way… lol. BTW how can you edit your information so I can put my phone number in it?


What about ram for fpga? Let’s talk again I guess :slight_smile:


phone number sent


go to this link:

log in and then you should be able to edit your profile.


I knew you made the big bucks for some reason Sam!

Thanks man!


Ok, so I hooked up the prop demo board to the fezzzz and uploaded both programs in (prop and fez). Helicopter is kinda moving up and down… another flying by at warp speed. Well, that may not be much screen space but at least it doesn’t look bad. I see the top 1/4 and bottom 1/4 of the screen is dead space.

I don’t suggest telling anyone to connect the +3.3v line from the fez to the prop board. Sure ground is necessary but not the 3.3v line. Fez domino got extremely hot, hope nothing is damaged on that chip. Keep in mind I am powering the Prop board with an adaptor. Not that it should matter.


If you know enough about propeller, then you can change the video drivers anyway you like. I am only using a driver I found on parallax forums…same for audio


Well, I don’t know. I don’t really think the community is that excited by the Fez being able to create games on a TV. Everyone seems to be doing realy nice projects. I don’t really want to spend a lot of time on something the community really doesn’t have that much interest in. Especially since it will be a pain in the butt. LOL.