Gadgeteer Source Code not on codeplex

Anyone know where the gadgeteer source code has gone? doesnt appear to be on codeplex anymore?

ghi electronics posted st github

just scroll down to reposotori netmf-gadgeter


its archived on codeplex. There was another thread here a few weeks ago about getting the file you need out of the archive - .Net Gadgeteer Core has been archived problem

GitHub - ghi-electronics/NETMF-Gadgeteer is this the gadgeteer core mentioned in GHI netfm getting started guide?

  1. Visual Studio 20013 (community edition is also supported)
  2. Unzip and install netmfvs2013.vsix and MicroFramewrokSDK.msi from here
  3. Microsoft’s Gadgeteer Core ****lINK DOESNT WORK
  4. GHI Electronics’ NETMF SDK. The latest is recommended.

i forgot an link too

very much appreciated :slight_smile:

Where would i find the source code for GHI.Hardware.dll ?

did is not this ??

This is just the gadgeteer(Gadgeteer.) code not not he GHI. code

you will NOT find the source code for GHI’s libraries. They are closed source. GHI.Hardware.dll is a component of the GHI netmf library, which you need installed before you install Gadgeteer stuff.