.Net Gadgeteer Core has been archived problem


I have about 350 pcs G120 controller and have a .net MF project which has written 4 years ago. This project is using NET Gadgeteer Core. I need two things, I have to rewrite this code and update my current project. My problem is .net gadgeteer core project has been archived and I cannot find the binaries so I cannot compile my old project. I have sent the code to your support email. Can you please help me with my problem?

Gadgeteer had been discontinued many years ago. While we rather not, we can help with gadgeteer under paid consulting or you can try on your own and get free hello here on the forum.

Either way, we are here for you.

By the way, you should take a serious look into SITCore.

why can’t you get the Gadgeteer bits you need?

Download the archive.
Inside there should be all the code you need??

Hi Gus,
Thank you for the quick reply. We already have 350 pcs G120 mc. May I use SITCore on the G120? By the way, do you have net core Gadgeteer binaries for installation on my computer? If you have, can you provide installation binaries?

Have you seen this? https://docs.ghielectronics.com/software/netmf/getting-started.html

Hi Brett,
Thank you for your reply. Yes, you are right, I downloaded this archive folder and found the releases in the archive but I cannot open or execute the files because I could not find the file extensions and I have no idea about the content of the releases folder.

Hi Gus,
Of course, I started with this link. One of the steps is redirecting to the Gadgeteer archive link and my problem is this, I cannot find the binaries of Gadgeteer.

try gadgeteercore.msi.

Actually, it’s simpler. Open the file releaselist.json in \gadgeteer.zip\releases\ and you’ll be able to see accurately the filenames you need for each file and path under the releases directory. Then there’s no guessing, and you can take the files you need from the different build versions, if you need.

Brett, you saved my life. Thank you so much. I installed the library.

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Gus, is there an emulator for G120?

No emulators