Gadgeteer Quad?

Righto trend setters…
Time for a Gadgeteer Quad?
I think so and here’s what’s on my menu

Red board: (doesnt exist)
[ul]Power to the Mainboard
Power distribution to the ESC’s
4x 3 pin headers for ESC’s
2x Gadgeteer P sockets for ESC’s to talk to the Main board
Lipo connector[/ul]

Black board - STM Octopus (might already exist :whistle: )
Shameless Cerberus knock off with a 50mm diameter

Blue board (doesnt exist)
AHRS / Radio

Tri-Axis angular rate sensor (gyro)
Tri-Axis accelerometer
I2C magnetometer HMC-5883L
Atmega328 running DCM
2x U sockets for AHRS and radio to Octopus[/ul]

All thoughts, comments and ridicule welcome :slight_smile:



No kidding this would be a huge WANT!!!

Sure its a quad copter, but its powerful and small enough to be almost anything, from a boring old robot controller to the brains in a mini robotic submersible, to fitting inside all sort of flying shapes etc. How many quad copters can you unplug and use in all sorts of applications?

This is definitely a GOTTA HAVE.

How about using InvenSense’s MPU-9150, with integrated gyro, accelerometer and magnetometer in one tiny I2C package? SparkFun have Eagle files for their own breakout for it here, there are now Arduino sketches showing how to get 9dof sensor fusion from it here.

Would it be possible to add some kind of ultrasonic/IR sensors in each direction so it is possible to code an element of safety to it?

@ RorschachUK - Yeah, still not 100% on the AHRS - first version will probably be based on the DIY Drones Arduimu as it works…

@ jasuk70 - cant see why not - Black board has spare sockets for your creativity :wink:

Governments and my employer get nervous when they hear things like ‘spare sockets for your creativity’ :wink:

In that case some mounting points on the straight bits would be useful on one of the boards.

Oh man, I want!!! Lovely job on the design too :slight_smile:

sold !


I want one for sure! Are you aware of the crazyflie project at A small size quad…

Yes :wink:

did you ordered one? I did and can’t wait to get my hands dirty…:slight_smile:

@ Patrick - Alas no, so i will just have to console myself and build my own…

As soon as I got one I’ll share my experience. But a gadgeteer c# based quad would be awesome!

So this is definitely a project to be realized :slight_smile:

Sign me up! I would suggest one more board for the stack that is just a grid of holes to attach other modules to.


Get your Crayons® out and send me your ideas :wink: