Gadgeteer on STM32F429 Discovery

Hmm, lets assume NETMF 4.3 is running on the STM32F29 Discovery board, which actually has an Arduino R3 pinout schematics.

Will the Medusa shield then enable us to use Gadgeteer modules nearly as seamless as on GHI boards?

I don’t know of any ST Discovery board with Arduino pinout.

Sorry, my bad! I was confused amd swappred the discovery board with the Freescale FRDM-KL46Z board, I wish there was a NETMF for that one as well.

Anyway, back to the core issue: How can we enable the use of Gadgeteer modules on the ST Discovery board(s)??

For those interested: NXP® Semiconductors Official Site | NXP Semiconductors

  1. Build a shield with G-sockets
  2. Create a mainboard class for that shield’s pin out.

Do we have any examples of the project in the history of Gadgeteer?


G400 and G400HDR the Mainboard class by @ taylorza.

G120 and G120HDR the mainboard class by @ MikeCormier.

Hmm, interesting.

Maybe we could convince Seeed to make the shield, and @ taylorza to make the class?

I guess there is basically no components on the shield, right?

Yes, no components on the shield. It would be a fairly easy project that anybody can do. The only “challenging” part is grouping pins to sockets. the good thing is that you have some references (The whole Cerb family, Oberon’s boards and Justin’s creations)

Justin is already working on it, the shield should already be in the fab…


H, as I understand it, he is working on a click shield…?? :think:

Ah no, that’s another creation of Justin, for which he already had used [em]NETMF for STM32 4.3[/em] (or rather, the commercial [em]Mountaineer Prime Firmware[/em] variant of that port).

What he is working on now is exactly what you want:

“produce a Gadgeteer carrier board for the STM32F429I-DISCOVERY board and bundle their 4.3 firmware”

Stay tuned…

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@ njbuch - Here you go. Exactly what you want.

Brilliant, I got my bases covered. :smiley:

Will wait eagerly for that!

Yes, it’s in the fab. Unfortunately, the world’s fab is on vacation. Chinese holidays…

So a little more patience is needed, but we’re getting there…


Final artwork and socket labeling may slightly differ from these renderings.

Awsome, then there is only one question left: Would it be stupid to base a final product on the evaluation boards from STM (or any other manufacturer)…? :think:

I seriously doubt there’s any guarantee of long term stock for eval boards. If that doesn’t matter then why not?

@ Cuno - great looking board!

A quick look at the ST documents tells me that you should not use these for production

LICENSE. STMicroelectronics (“ST”) grants You the right to use the enclosed
evaluation board only to evaluate and test ST products, including any incorporated and/or
accompanying demonstration software, components and documentation (where the
documentation is an essential part of this license) (collectively, the “Evaluation
Product”) solely only for your evaluation and testing purposes. The Evaluation Product
shall not be, in any case, directly or indirectly assembled as a part in any production of
Yours as it is solely developed to serve evaluation purposes and has no direct function
and is not a finished product. Certain demonstration software included with the
Evaluation Product may be covered under a separate accompanying end user license
agreement, in which case the terms and conditions of such end user license agreement
shall apply to that demonstration software.

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Yeah, sounds like there is a good story behind the low price.

Is anyone else manufacturing boards with same or similar specs that could be used as replacement?