Gadgeteer on STM32F429 Discovery


Yes, I know. But I was thinking: In case the Discovery board is not available, or not suitable for production, but my prototype, which is built on the discovery board, needs to go into production. Is there another board that can replace the ST board?

Without hardware changes, most likely not. Would be hard for anyone to compete with a product subsidized (probably) by the MCU vendor. Doesn’t make sense as long as ST produces their boards.

thirty bucks for a device with a processor, external memory, MEMS, and a display. Yeah there’s some subsidized cost going on there. In AU I can buy a 427 processor for about $34 bucks in small quantity or the eval board for $40. You’d struggle to get a PCB made for that, let alone adding a display or memory (not AND, OR).

Is it possible to build a board that has the same pinout as the Disco board, certainly, so that means you can build a replacement board that could go onto Justin’s expansion board as shown. It also makes sense to build a customer board that doesn’t use the Gadgeteer sockets for a “product”, based on the combination of the Disco board designs and the pin mapping that Justin’s board has. So depending on your scenario, you could do a lot to get your “equivalence” working. But you’re never going to meet the price point that the Disco board is at.