Gadgeteer Cable Pack Wire AWG?

what is the AWG of the wire in this pack ?

I believe it is 30AWG

Thanks, does anyone have a DigiKey, Mouser or other part# for this cable. I need to make a dozen or so custom length cables.
I looked at Digikey but come up blank for 30 AWG 10pin.

Try this one:

Huh, i searched and searched and never came up with that one, thanks a ton!
I did more searching from them and Digikey, but cannot find a cable like this with the red stripe. I was surprised at how little both company’s have to offer for 30AWG.

You are welcome! They didn’t have gadgeteer sockets until recently.

I will use that cable for now, but if anyone knows of a place to get the striped ribbon cable let me know please.

Hey GHI, you sell the headers, why not sell the connectors & cable too.,

It might have the red stripe. Let us know after you get it.

Will do

@ jdal - did you find the female connectors for the ribbon cable? Any special tool required to make them?

@ ransomhall -


what i have so far are these.


they are lower cost than the samtec ones. I am looking for something similar from mouser or DK but so far no luck on the receptacle with a key. Thinking of going with 2mm connectors. They are more options, and i can use a larger AWG wire. 30 AWG is just to small for me, concerned about power draw on 30 AWG.

If you find the connectors that would be great. I found a place that custom makes the cables ( but they are really expensive. About $10.00 for a 25 inch cable and another $9.50 to ship it so I have not ordered anything yet. You can check it out here: Configure Your Product | Samtec. The part number for what I wanted is: FFSD-05-D-25.00-01-N.

@ JREndean - ya i saw that. It would be far less to make them myself. Have no idea who the hell would pay that much for a pre-built cable.

Here is what i ordered. Will let ya all know how it pans out.

I just received my parts in. Though the data sheet on the wire does not specify a stripe, it does indeed have a blue stripe.

Pics? How did it turn out?

They look exactly like what you get on GHI boards. the only difference is that the strip is blue instead of red .

Did you end up needing any special tools for crimping the cables into the plugs?

just a simple pair of pliers.