Gadgeteer based 7" LCD with Capacitive Touch

Based on chat over on this posting,

I’ve today created a 7" version of the 5" driver board I developed for the Newhaven LCD display modules.

This one is designed around the 7" cap touch, NHD-7.0-800480EF-ATXV#-CTP model and I’ve extended the top and bottom edges to allow M3 screw holes on a 5mm pitch so it can be used with holey boards. This makes the board a little taller than it needs to be. I also made them a little further from the edge of the LCD to allow the studs I use for front panels to be used. See below.

The PCB layout is almost identical to the 5" one except for the placement of the CTP connector so the design will work out of the box. I’ll commit this to DFRobot next week to get a prototype made to work with the boards I received this week.

The only issue is the positioning of the view port is not centered with the panel so if you mount this in a panel, the mounting holes need to be offset, as shown in the sample attached. The studs are press fit into 7.1mm x 1.1 deep holes on the rear of the panels (Front Panel Express) I use so I allowed for this clearance.

Once I’ve had feedback and done some testing I will stick this up on Turnkey for anyone to grab it. If anyone wants the Gerbers and BOM, let me know?

[EDITED] To fix the cap touch to the full frame size as the per new LCD from Newhaven.


I’ve just noticed that the new LCD’s have a more fitting cap touch than the one in my drawing which was based on the first LCD I got from Newhaven.

The new one is aligned with the LCD frame. All the dimensions are the same, it just fits better.

I’ll need to re-engineer the 3D model now :frowning:

@ Dave - Keep up the good work, how do the newhaven panels compare to the cp7? I really like the cp7 panel.

I’ve never used the CP7 but it should work just as well as it did. The 5" version I have works great even with the G120. It really comes into it’s own though with the more powerful G400.

Prototype boards just ordered from DFRobot so will post some images after they arrive in about 1 week.


Looks very interessting!

So what would cost? Frame + Display

It depends on the quantity.

As an expample of using DFRobot and my local supplier of parts (Element14) I can get 10 boards from DFRobot for $7.50 each then add the parts, around $15 and then the LCD from Newhaven. The LCD is the expensive part for me due to the high import costs. It would add around $120 to the cost for me to supply the LCD.

I am considering to offer the board with parts all tested and ready to use with your own LCD that you can get from Newhaven.

First batch of boards will be here next week. Parts are here and I have a Cobra 2 project with the 5" so I will run the 5 and 7 side by side to show what they look like.


I like the idea of offering boards with BYO display.

How long before you move ? That hopefully helps the display piece too ?

First test of the board. Sadly not with the gadgeteer cables as I forgot to order them so I was missing 2 sockets. They will be here next week.

As the board was designed with my own ribbon interface I hooked this up to a G400 based board that used the 5" version. I had to make a small LCD setting change from the 5" and fix 1 design mistake (I somehow missed out the LCD_DE line) and I have it working.

The images show the PCB less the 2 gadgeteer sockets and before I fixed the missing track. I also include 2 shots of what it looks like. The images don’t do it justice as the real things is much nicer.

Once the sockets arrive I will hook this up to a couple of Cobra 2 boards, one with the 5" and the other with the 7" and run the same application so you can see what it looks like.

The design will be open source if anyone wants to make their own. I’ll post all the design files up soon. I need to finish some CAD drawings first.


Sweet! :clap:

Got the gadgeteer sockets today so here we have the 5" and 7" side by side with the same application running. The 5" is slightly brighter so looks a little more washed out.

By the way, the design fault with the missing track only applies to my FPC header. For the gadgeteer sockets it works. I’ve reworked the PCB anyway and will use this one for the open source version.

I’ll try and get it all uploaded later this week.


Looks good.


Looks stunning! :clap:

Looks great, Dave!

I’m curious about your ring of vias on the edge of the board. Is that just for connecting top & bottom ground planes or is there more to it?

This is a 2 sided board so it just connects the top and bottom sides. I have a ground plane on each side.

Any updates on getting the 7" board up on TKA? Been checking every day and I’m starting to twitch ;D


Sorry Alex, I’ve been sidelined with this PPP issue.

I will do it by this weekend if not beforehand.

No worries. Good luck on the PPP. I’m waiting on a batch of the 5" boards to show up, but what I actually want/need is the 7" board. Patience is a virtue, but I NEED shiny things!


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OK. I have uploaded it today. :slight_smile:

The link to the settings will be up in a day or so once I get time to create the webpage for it. This will have the settings for the LCD and a link to the drivers that Simon created.

For those in a rush, here is the timing for the LCD.

Width ------------------------------ 800
Height ----------------------------- 480
Output Enabled is Fixed ----- False
Output Enable Polarity ------- True
Horizontal Sync Polarity ----- False
Vertical Sync Polarity --------- False
Pixel Polarity -------------------- False

Horizontal Sync Pulse Width-48
HorizontalBack Porch --------- 88
Horizontal Front Porth --------- 40
Vertical Sync Pulse Width ---- 3
Vertical Back Porch ------------ 32
Vertical Front Porch ------------ 13
Pixel Clock Rate ---------------- 25,000

@ Dave McLaughlin - Do you plan to share Altium files?