Gadgeteer at the upcoming patterns & practices symposium

Shameless self promo

The event is one day, online, and free. Well be streaming it live via Channel 9. We encourage participation from attendees all over the world.

Registration link:

Channel 9 site:

Lots of other great content at that event, but the Gadgeteer session in the middle is on-topic here :slight_smile:


Interesting. Thank you.

Registered :smiley:

Just a reminder that this event is tomorrow (Tuesday).

I’m going to talk about NETMF in general, show off the old form factor boards, and then two different Gadgeteer boards from GHI, do a hello world on the new Netduino GO, and then some more involved demos on the FEZ Spider.

I was in the studio all day today helping manage tech checks, streaming tests and more.

A few candid shots of Larry and Golnaz (the two CH9 folks) doing checks:

Ask questions live during the event using the #ch9live hash tag. Anything goes :slight_smile:


Great! Looking forward to see it!

exciting! :slight_smile:

Your presentation is at 11:30 PM my time so i realy hope to see some action and not fall asleep :wink: Just kidding, good luck :slight_smile:

looking forward to this! should be some great talks, especially the gadgeteer one :wink:

Hmmm… “View it live here” link from registration e-mail doesn’t work.

It doesn’t start until 10am PST

Yes,I know. I was just checking the link and thought there will be a placeholder.

I’ve tried to register and it says ended.

What am I doing wrong?

it’s live!

Pete doing a dance is up next.

Good job Pete!

oh no, I missed it :frowning:

It will be available for download as well.

[quote]I’ve tried to register and it says ended.

What am I doing wrong?[/quote]

Sorry, that’s the eventbrite registration period, which ends (by default) 2 hours before the event start. Very confusing wording on their part. Next time I’ll change the defaults so registration doesn’t end until the event is over.

Recordings (and slides/demos etc.) will be up by the end of the week.


Still trying to download but it is not available yet.

could the first person who finds the download please post the URL?


Karen is fast, but not that fast :slight_smile:

Download will be available in a few days.