G80 on Mouser not available my region

Damn. Seeing as I now have an account with Mouser, I was going to order a couple of G80 processors to build some motor controllers for my robotic project but I now discover that the G80 is not available for sale in my region. I know I can get from GHI but that means additional shipping costs and I get a nice flat rate US$25 from mouser which I can happily live with as I am ordering more stuff for work. Seems a number of STM32 are also on the same list. I use the STM32F405RGT6 (Cerbuino) and now I can’t order them either.


Why not available? Can you contact mouser and ask?

What region?

Asia Pac. I am registered as Indonesia region on Mouser.

Did you ask them why?

Did you also ask digikey?

Have not asked yet but usually because of sales regions for other distributors. I’ll ask why GHI is on the list as you don’t have anything in this region anyway.

Don’t use Digikey. The want US$75 flat rate shipping.

PS. Digikey have no stock anyway.

Digikey show stock on the G30 but won’t show pricing even when the quantity shows 100 can ship now.

Digikey help says new product so not in the system yet for ordering. Anyway, too expensive for shipping. Will wait and see what Mouser say about the restriction.

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Gus, Mouser gave me this reply on the G80.

There are no codes missing, this is an area restriction, this part cannot be shipped into Indonesia, but it can be shipped into Singapore.

Any chance you can find out from your team why there is a restriction on Indonesia?

Can you buy STM32F4 chips in your region? G80 has the same export control code as the STM32 chip.

It seems that some STM32 chips are restricted. I can get them from Element14 sometimes their prices are higher and also higher shipping costs. :frowning:

If I want to design with the G80, can I flash the firmware myself to and STM32F427VGT6 and still use commercially?

The firmware is encrypted and only licensed to be used on kit products.

I guess for the time being I won’t be considering the G80 for any new development. Shame as I was hoping to start using TinyCLR for a basic project I have for a client. If I can’t even purchase them, there is no way to use them. :frowning: