Porting, bootloader question

Can I buy my own STM32F427VGT6 the G80 IC and put a GHI bootloader onto it?
and then use TinyCLR Config to put TinyCLR on it, and use all of that goodness from the tool whenever something new comes out.
I don’t really need the commercial features for now.

Or is this proprietary, and I need to make a port and compile every time new bits are added?
This would add a lot of hassle for me.

My main reason is I need to produce the boards (most likely China) and turnkey for the GHI G80 part, I don’t know how that will work, but Im sure they can source the STM32F427VGT6 themselves pretty easily.

G80s are commercial parts from Digikey. No, you can’t make your own with a raw STM32.

edit: here’s another GHI answer: G80 on Mouser not available my region

So the config tool can not work with an unofficial port?

What port are you referring to? You’re fully redeveloping / porting the netmf implementation for that processor? Then that’s no longer a G80, it’s just a STM32F427 netmf port (and therefore supports a different set of capabilities).

So simply put, you can’t use G80-based code if you put a different port of netmf onto a raw STM32F4. There are GHI specifics in the firmware that are not part of netmf, and there are things in netmf 4.4 (where stm32f427 ports exist) that are different than in netmf 4.3 that GHI have in their G80 firmware.

If you want a G80 in your product, then you can only do one thing - buy G80’s from Digikey/mouser and have your assembler use them.

Only if you pay GHI to license the loader/firmware.

Distributors can ship to china and GHI can also produce the boards for you as well if you do not want to go to china.

Im not talking about a different port, I just want to use the one from G80, if its the same IC then all the stuff should be wired the same, except for commercial stuff (filesystem, graphics, usb client, usb host, ifu) which most is not implemented anyway.

Also you got me confused now im talking about TinyCLR not NETMF or is that the “same” thing?

OK, that’s understandable.

I want to know the process now, reading from this:

If I take the FEZCLR firmware and recompile it, does that mean that all of the pins of the underlaying ST32F401RET6 will be available or only the ones exposed through the header of your FEZ implementation.
Because I want to make my own board with different pin usages and layout.
Also can I then upload the firmware from TinyCLR config or do I need to do it manually with TeraTerm?

I don’t actually want to change anything from the port, cant I just upload the FEZ bootloader with DfuSE, and then use TinyCLR config to upload the newest firmware when it comes out, debug, and monitor my app?

The sources are there. Change it however you like and use it however you like.

Correct. Just keep in mind FEZ is the reference port and not a supported commercial port.